The average American makes $52,250* per year. The extra $25K Obama stole from working Americans didn’t include free college or the redistribution of your income to people who would rather not work. It didn’t include support for people who came here illegally and need to be taken care of either.  

Over the course of the 86 full months that President Barack Obama has completed serving in the White House—from February 2009 through March 2016–the U.S. Treasury has collected approximately $18,764,164,000,000 in tax revenues (in non-inflation-adjusted dollars), according to the Monthly Treasury Statements issued during that period. (President Obama was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009.)

That equals approximately $124,003 for each of the 151,320,000 persons who, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, had either a full- or part-time job during March 2016.

During the same 86-month stretch of the Obama presidency, the total debt of the federal government increased from $10,632,005,246,736.97 to $19,264,938,619,643.07, according to the Treasury.

That is an increase in the debt of $8,632,933,372,906.10—or approximately $57,051 for each of the 151,320,000 people with jobs as of March.

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If the Treasury succeeds in collecting the full $3,335,502,000,000 in reveneus that the White House Office of Management and Budget estimates it will collect in fiscal 2016 (which will end on Sept. 30), Obama will become the first American president whose Treasury collected more than $20,000,000,000,000 in taxes (in non-inflation adjusted dollars) during his time in office.

As of the end of fiscal 2015 (on Sept. 30, 2015), the Treasury had collected a total of approximately $17,287,946,000,000 during the 80 full months Obama had at that point served as president.

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By the end of this September–if the Treasury collects the estimated $3,335,502,000,000 in revenues for this year—the Treasury will have collected $20,623,448,000,000 in taxes during the 92 full months Obama will by then have served in the White House.

During the first 86 full months that George W. Bush was president (February 2001 through March 2008), according to the Monthly Treasury Statements, the Treasury collected approximately $15,099,826,000,000 in taxes. (From February 2001 through January 2009, the Treasury collected $17,251,191,000,000 in taxes. Bush was inaugurated on Jan, 20, 2001 and left office on Jan. 20, 2009, when Obama was sworn in.)

The $15,099,826,000,000 in taxes that the Treasury collected during Bush’s first 86 full months in office equaled approximately $103,363 for each of the 146,086,000 persons who had a full- or part-time job in March 2008.

During the first 86 full months of George W. Bush’s presidency, the debt increased from $5,716,070,587,057.36 to $9,437,594,138,091.39.

That is a debt increase of $3,721,523,551,034.03—or approximately $25,475 for each of the 146,086,000 persons who had a job in March 2008.

For entire story: CNS News

*US Census


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