On September 15, Hillary “apparently” held a rally in the Old Student Recreational Center at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, NC. This was her first public appearance since she convulsed and had to be lifted into her van following the 9-11 memorial in NYC. Hillary’s campaign was quick to blame the heat until they discovered conservative websites were able to quickly access the weather and determine that it was a balmy 74 degrees in NYC! Hillary was quickly whisked away to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment following her “incident,” passing more than one hospital on the way to “recuperate.” Did Hillary recover from her “incident” or was this rally faked to make it look like she did?

Here is the first video of Hillary’s Greensboro, NC rally that was causing viewers to ask “what the heck are those cameras in Hillary’s ‘audience’ pointing at?” If you look closely, it sure isn’t Hillary!

Watch this video first, and then the video below to get a closer analysis of what appears to be a phony rally for Hillary at 


This stunning video takes the viewer through and shows step-by-step where the audience is faked:


Here is the actual video from C-Span to prove nothing was doctored in the videos above. Holy moly!

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