WHO knew legendary rocker Roger Daltrey was such a patriotic guy? The Who’s lead singer, Roger Daltrey feels very strongly about what’s happening with the dysfunctional EU and he’s making sure everyone knows how he feels about  the leaders who’ve pushed immigration at the peril of the citizens.

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Roger Daltrey wants Britain to quit the ‘undemocratic, highly dysfunctional’ EU which he claims is ‘raping’ southern European countries.


The Who frontman backed Brexit in an exclusive interview with The Sun, labelling our membership a “disaster”.

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The legendary rocker said: “The only way we’re going to get the Europe that we want is to get rid of this bunch of f***ing useless w***ers that are running it.”

He said it was “set up by a bunch of crooks”, adding: “It’s like these things on the internet where they tell you to read the conditions – no one’s going to bloody read the conditions!

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“But that’s how they did this, we all thought we were voting for a common trade area.”

Blasting the impact on our own sovereignty he said: “What it’s done to our Parliament is put them down to level of Parish Council.”

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Hitting out at the unnecessary layers of Government it has created, he added: “Because there are so many politicians we get so much useless f***ing law.”

Attacking the way the EU has impacted on people’s lives, he said: “That’s the biggest issue for me, it’s undemocratic, highly dysfunctional, I mean you name me one area of Europe that’s functioning really well at the moment.”

“They talk about the immigration thing being the number one issue and I think it is a big issue for our country because we are an island.”

“But no one talks about the other side of that immigration issue – which is the fact that all those southern European countries have been robbed of their youth, the countries have been raped.”

“Their youth have had to leave to get work, so how are they going to rebuild their futures?”

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Will anyone ever forget the passionate performance   Roger Daltrey gave in NYC at the Garden to show his support for America right after 9/11? His legendary band played for the first responders. Here’s a clip from the 9/11 show just in case you didn’t see it:


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