One of the greatest upsets to globalists and Democrats has been the flocking of a once monolithic democrat voter block of the Hispanic population to Donald Trump and the America First movement.  Because of Trump’s style and America First conservative national populism, Trump attracted an entire population once statistically reserved for Democrats since the 1960s.

Prior to the massive Democrat 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act and the proliferation of the welfare state in America, immigrant populations could be reliably depended upon to vote conservatively for constitutional principles.  But, these massive Democrat legislations produced decades of people increasingly on government assistance–notably legal and illegal immigrants.  Ever since then, immigrants have been a increasingly reliable voting block for Democrats year after year.

But Donald Trump and the America First movement slowly changed that.

Steve Cortes, Senior Strategy Advisor to the Trump campaign, believes the success can be distilled into just a few words

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The National Pulse Reports:

“Here’s the reality: unlike the neutered males of the credentialed ruling class, Hispanic men still largely embrace traditional roles as providers and guardians. Therefore, Hispanic men increasingly rally to the America First movement broadly, and Trump particularly, because of prosperity, protection, and pomp.”

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Cortes then defines these three simple pillars of success, citing numerous statistical truths along the way.


“Hispanics embraced the incredible new economic vitality of the Trump boom, especially the blue-collar expansion that dominated the first three years of Trump’s presidency before the CCP Virus crashed the global economy. In the history of Labor Department records, there have been 28 total months with a Latino jobless rate under 5 percent, and a stunning 27 of those 28 months were under the leadership of President Trump…Plus…In 2019, the last pre-pandemic year, Hispanic wages vaulted a stunning 7.1 percent higher for the year, also an all-time record. This new prosperity lifted 1 million Hispanic children out of poverty in America.

…According to CBS News exit polling, 87 percent of Hispanics who named the economy as their top issue voted to re-elect President Trump. Such confidence flowed not just from the pre-pandemic economic successes for Hispanics, but also from the amazing V-shaped Trump recovery after the lockdown lows of last spring. For example, sales of pickup trucks hit a fresh all-time high in January of 2021 as Trump completed his term, at a rate of 12.92 million trucks annualized. Surging pickup trucks reflect renewed prospects for Hispanic men, who are over-represented in the trades that often utilize such vehicles.” 

Does this sound like the policies and results of a racist man who hates immigrants, as you are told to believe by Democrats and the Globalist media?  The results to not lie.  But Hispanics agree with America First and Trump policies on much more fundamental issues as well, like law and order.


“Hispanic men overwhelmingly clamor to law-and-order principles, both within America and at our border. Contrary to the fantasies espoused by the NY Times, far too many Hispanics citizens know the reality of the summer 2020 violence perpetrated by leftist agitators including Antifa and extreme elements of the BLM movement. Accordingly, fully 83 percent of Hispanics reported to Gallup last August that police presence in their neighborhoods should either sustain or increase. In addition, during the height of the national 2020 unrest, gun sales to Hispanic men soared 49 percent over 2019 levels, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

This insistence on protection extends to America’s border as well. In contrast to persistent media myth, Hispanics are not, at all, soft on issues of border security. In fact, in 2018 at the height of the caravan crisis, Economist/YouGov polling detailed that only 20 percent of Hispanics support the policy of “catch and release” of illegal migrant families into the United States, the previous policy of the Obama-Biden administration and current misbegotten approach of the Biden-Harris White House. More recently, President Trump earned massive shifts in support all along the US/Mexico border region in the November 3rd vote, in areas of America that are overwhelmingly Hispanic and blue-collar.”

Starr County, which is 96% Latino, is a great example of this.  KRGV reported:

“President Donald J. Trump nearly won Starr County on Tuesday, according to election results published by the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.

Trump and Vice President Michael R. Pence won 47% of 17,478 ballots cast in Starr County, according to results published by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his runningmate, U.S. Sen. Kamala D. Harris, won 52% of ballots cast.

The results marked a major improvement for Trump and were noted by major cable news networks as they covered the election results.

In 2016, then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won 79.1% of the vote in Starr County, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.”

Cortes goes on to note that “Hispanics on the border – the frontline Americans who deal most acutely with the consequences of a porous border – surged in their support for President Trump and the America First vision of sovereignty.”

Hispanics, like many other American demographics, flocked to Trump because his policies were sound.  But, the media and politicians would have you believe that the way Trump speaks and carries himself is unpopular.  This could not be further from the truth in the Hispanic population, as with other demographics:


“Donald Trump successfully channeled the best traits of strong Latin politicians, evoking aspects of the “caudillo” leaders on horseback. As Pedro Gonzalez observed in American Greatness, Trump resembles a Latin American leader who “blends nationalism, economic populism, and social conservatism.”  

Hispanic men gravitate to Trump as a forceful man of strong actions and macho rhetoric, whether facing off against Beijing in trade or exposing the biased corporate media in White House pressers. Hispanic men also appreciate the authentic, unvarnished verbiage that separates Trump from all other national-level politicians in America. For example, we Hispanics instinctively knew what Trump telegraphed when he warned of “bad hombres” crossing the border, even though the effete elites of politics and media recoiled at such bluntness.

In addition, Trump clearly appeals to the aspirational motivations of Hispanic men. He speaks as an outsider and business owner to the highly entrepreneurial Hispanic population. In fact, Hispanics are, by a wide measure, the most entrepreneurial demographic in America. Per a recent Stanford University study, Latino start-ups grew at a 34 percent pace over the last decade vs. only a 1 percent growth rate overall. Trump spoke unashamedly of his success and earned the respect of millions of ambitious Latino men. These young strivers with names like Cortes and Romero admire Trump as a “man in full,” with magnificent wealth, endless drive, and a gorgeous wife. 

As long as we think and act boldly, in the mold of Trump, the future of the GOP is bright as the party transforms into a multi-ethnic, cross-racial workers’ movement. Hispanic men will form a new stalwart constituency of the America First movement of muscular nationalism that will dominate politics for decades ahead.”

So, for all the reasons that Democrats, the media, and globalists tell the world to hate Donald Trump, Hispanic people love him more and more.  And so does America.

What does that tell you about how the media represents minorities and immigrants in this country and around the globe?  What does it tell you about the veracity of the election results in 2020?

Does anything that the establishment media says comport with reality in any way?

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