Why Did Alleged Nashville Bomber Give 2 Homes To 29-Year-Old CA Woman?

Michelle Swing

According to a Daily Mail US report and a 2nd quitclaim deed, a 63-year-old ‘person of interest’ (POI) related to the Nashville Christmas Day bombing gave away two houses to a 29-year-old, Michelle Swing for free.  She is not currently implicated in the crime.

Quitclaim Deed From POI Giving House to Ms. Swing on 11/25/2020


Google Maps Image (Date Unknown) of POI Home Address, Deeded to Michelle Swing 11/25/2020 with an RV picture

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Though Ms. Swing currently resides in California, her Facebook page indicates that she previously lived in Tennessee.

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One $160,000 home was given to her by the POI on November 25th, 2020, and another (not pictured) appears to have been given to her by the same POI sometime prior to 3/23/2019, when the 2nd quitclaim deed shows that Swing transferred the 2nd home to a Betty Christine Lane after receiving it from the POI at some point.

Ms. Swing claims of the home that is still in her name from November 25th that she “knew absolutely nothing about it.  In the state of Tennessee, you can deed property to someone else without their consent or their signature or anything.” The quitclaim deed seems to support this assertion, since only the POI’s signature is on it, not Ms. Sing’s.

“I didn’t even buy the house.  He just deeded it over to me without my knowledge.  So, this all very weird to me, that’s about all I can say.”  Swing declined to comment on whether she had ever met Warner or if they had any family ties. “I’ve been told to direct everything else to FBI,” she said.

The feds are currently investigating the $0.00 quitclaim property deals as well as any motivations he would have had to commit a bombing in Nashville at a highly bland and reinforced AT&T building, dubbed the ‘Batman building’ by Nashville locals. However, it is noteworthy that “at least two tips were called into the FBI” about the POI “prior to the explosion.”

It may also be noteworthy to mention that AT&T has other such fortresses located in various locations around the country that have been linked to critical infrastructure and intelligence agencies, such as the NSA.  If this is such a facility it would be designed in such a way as to sustain extreme conditions, such as explosive blasts, in order to protect the communications grid and whatever else is being housed in the building.  With reports that communications outages, including 911, around the state and nearby states, we will have to wait and see.

Another lead being investigated is the POI’s father who has ties to AT&T, having worked at Bellsouth, a company which merged into AT&T in 2006.

The Daily Mail also reports that neighbors reported seeing a white RV parked outside his property within  the past two weeks. A vehicle that appears to be similar can also be seen in a Google Maps image of the house formerly belonging to the person of interest.  However, it is unknown when this image was taken or if it is the same RV.

The explosion occurred at 6:40 AM in downtown Nashville on 2nd Avenue.  Even though the blast was massive, only 3 people were injured while over 40 buildings were damaged.  There were no casualties because a recording played on the RV speakers for several minutes prior to the blast telling people in the area to stay away.  The recorded message was then followed by a countdown, according to reports.  Reports also mention remains of at least one body in the area, which many are suspecting to be the POI.

Police had also been called to the area prior to the blast due to reports of shots fired.  However, no one has confirmed that any shots were actually fired.  Some speculate that this was a false call meant to ensure that police would arrive to the scene prior to the bomb going off, perhaps to ensure that the area was cleared of innocent bystanders, or for some other reason.

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