A recent Gallup poll is making the rounds on social media today. The reason it’s so popular is that it takes a veiled swipe at President Trump and First Lady Melania, by placing Barack and Michelle Obama at the top of the list in a “Most Admired People” poll. The left and the mainstream media have been promoting it like its the most important event of 2018.

Liberal publications like “The Hill” tweeted about the Obama’s topping the list of the “Most Admired” people.

Conservative Wayne Dupree responded to the poll by reminding everyone of how the Obama’s made it to the top of the list, while the Trump’s were further down on the list:

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When you keep Americans in the dark and report 92% negative news on a sitting president, you’ll probably get these results. This doesn’t bother those of us who have turned their backs on

A closer look at the poll, however, reveals the top contenders on the “Most Admired Women” list are well-known for using race to promote themselves. The top two women on the list, in fact, are self-proclaimed victims of racist white people. During her speech in front of the graduates at the historically black Tuskegee college, then-First Lady Michelle Obama whined to the graduates about how she was forced to live in the White House, knowing it was built by slaves. Number two on the list is Obama fan-girl, Oprah Winfrey, who recently revealed that the only way racism will be eradicated is to wait for all of the old white people to die.

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

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The two front-runners were followed up by Hillary Clinton, who has been caught on several occasions,  pandering to the black community for votes, by changing her dialect when addressing black audiences, or telling a group of black radio hosts that she always carries “hot sauce” in her purse, while coincidentally, Beyonce’s top-selling, anti-cop “Formation” song at the time featured “hot sauce” in the lyrics.

The smart, generous, classy and graceful first lady, Melania Trump, who has never appeared on a single magazine cover in America, and has been a constant target of the media, came in third place on the “Most Admired Woman” list.

On top of the “Most Admired Man” list is Barack Obama. When it comes to actual accomplishments, he will go down in history as one of the most unremarkable presidents in the history of the United States.

While he was President, Barack surrounded himself with notorious race-baiters-for-hire like Al Sharpton.

Barack was also keen on placing openly racist agitators in positions of power, like his former AG, Eric Holder, who was caught paying protesters in Sanford, FL with taxpayer dollars to protest George Zimmerman following the death of Trayvon Martin, that ignited the Black Lives Matter movement, resulting in the murder of multiple innocent police officers across America, like the five innocent police officers who were ambushed by a Black Lives Matter supporter in Dallas, Texas.

Barack Obama showed his support for the Black Lives Matter terrorist group by inviting their leaders to the White House on more than one occasion.

Barack and Michelle Obama became close friends of the openly racist, and “oppressed” billionaire entertainers Beyonce and Jay Z. Beyonce angered Americans when she used her halftime Super Bowl appearance to glorify the violent, racist, hate group The New Black Panthers.

Shortly after Beyonce’s racist halftime Super Bowl 2016 show, this disgusting terrorist type post from an active NFL player appeared on Instagram.

Inspired by the same Black Lives Matter movement that President Obama and Michelle quietly supported, NFL Cleveland Browns running back, Isaiah Crowell posted this an image of a masked man slitting the throat of a police officer on his Instagram account. He later apologized when fans were outraged.

Is it possible that Barack Obama is “most admired” for getting away with virtually no reporting about the massive numbers of innocent civilians who were killed by drones during his presidency? According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the upper limit of the civilian death toll from drones stands at more than 800 people in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. These figures do not include Afghanistan and Iraq where drones were also used on citizens.

There are numerous reports that point to how much higher the real number is, however. In April, a US drone killed 17 civilians in Afghanistan’s Paktika Province, and killed another 13 in Nangarhar Province in September.

The most recent incident was in mid-December, when a US drone participating in Iraq’s invasion of the city of Mosul destroyed a house full of civilians, killing a family of nine.

Maybe Barack earned the “most admired” designation because he was president when the NFL self-destructed over the decision of certain players to follow the anti-cop Colin Kaepernick, and kneel during the playing of our national anthem.

One thing is for certain when the media covers up virtually every negative aspect of a president, the result is, they become the “Most Admired Man” in America, not once, but multiple times. In fact, the media has done such an amazing job of canonizing one of the most unremarkable presidents in US history, that Barack Obama is in now in the ranks of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of most highly respected and accomplished Generals in American history, another former president who has been named the “Most Admired Man” in the poll multiple times.

President Donald J. Trump, who has arguably had one of the most successful first term of any US President in history, and has also received an unprecedented 93% negative press coverage from the media, surprisingly came in second on the “Most Admired Man” list.

Gallup doesn’t just present its readers with their results, they also editorialize on behalf of Hillary to explain why she lost her spot as the “Most Admired Woman” in the poll:

The year 2018 brought about a change at the top of Gallup’s Most Admired Woman list for the first time in 17 years, with Hillary Clinton falling back now that she has more fully retreated to private life after a long career as first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state and two-time presidential candidate.

Private life? Who knew, that Hillary had retreated into “private life”? The last time we checked, Hillary and Bill were on a self-promotion tour that tanked so badly that they were hawking tickets on Groupon.




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