In a post to Facebook in January 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote that the company is making a series of updates to show more high quality, trusted content, including exposing users to more local news. That’s not exactly what happened though. Posts from top conservative Facebook pages either disappeared from the Facebook newsfeed altogether or were rarely seen by their followers, while vile, far-left political pages with multiple fact check violations are thriving, and even being paid by Facebook for spreading hatred and division through “original” videos on their platform.

Occupy Democrats, is a far-left Facebook page dedicated to pushing hatred for White Americans, President Trump, his family, his administration, and his supporters. The divisive Facebook page has over 7.7 million “Likes” (followers) with weekly engagement numbers hovering around 40 million. Since 2015, the site has seen gained an astounding 7.2 million new followers. The owners of Occupy Democrats, Rafael, and Omar Rivero are twin brothers; they are also Mexican immigrants.

In 2017, at the same time traffic for top conservative Facebook pages like 100 Percent Fed Up and The Gateway Pundit saw a dramatic drop of 90%+, the Miami New Times interviewed the Rivero brothers about the amazing success of their Occupy Democrats Facebook page, saying, “according to a recent analysis by BuzzFeed, it [Occupy Democrats] wields more influence, at least on Facebook, than virtually any other news source in America.

Here’s a portion of the Miami New Times interview:

From this setting, the ideology-driven Ivy League grad, who was born in Mexico and grew up in Miami, runs a lucrative political news empire. With a keen sense of what resonates with his liberal audience and a knack for creating clickable content, he seems to have cracked the elusive Facebook code. Launched from his parents’ West Kendall apartment and helmed with his twin brother, Occupy Democrats is now the leading political page on the left, according to a recent analysis by BuzzFeed. It wields more influence, at least on Facebook, than virtually any other news source in America.

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This isn’t your grandmother’s journalism,” Rafael Rivero says. “It is the Wild West of journalism — a new form of communication that’s reshaping the way Americans consume information and how they feel about it. And there are a few kingdoms, of which ours is just one.”

Occupy Democrats, for its part, has been called “partisan and unreliable” by Snopes, and four of its posts were rated as “Pants on Fire” by PolitiFact — meaning fact-checkers determined the posts made “ridiculous” claims. BuzzFeed’s analysis, meanwhile, concluded about 20 percent of the group’s posts were false or misleading.

For some odd reason, fake news accusations by third-party fact-checkers don’t seem to affect traffic on Facebook for the Rivero brothers. Politifact has an entire page dedicated to false or mostly false news published by Occupy Democrats.

Rafael Rivero frequently posts vulgar images of President Trump from his “Liker” website on his personal Facebook page. Rivero created the social media “Liker” website to compete with Facebook.

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Images like the one below of Jesus Christ “drowning” President Trump with the copy “LOL” above the image, are commonly found on the Occupy Democrat page:

Last week, Facebook identified the image depicting President Trump about to fall to his death from the top of a skyscraper as one of their “top posts.” The copy accompanying the Occupy Democrats vile image asks, “Be honest, what would you do in this situation?”  Within days, the image had over 13K shares.

74K Facebook users responded to Occupy Democrats question to their readers, asking if they were given a chance, would they kill President Trump?

What’s interesting, is the number of Facebook videos that feature paid advertisers on the Occupy Democrats page.

Nissan ads are frequently seen on vulgar videos on this divisive and hateful Facebook page. Does Nissan know where their ads are being placed? Would they approve if they knew?

Here’s one of the The Occupy Democrats Facebook videos with a Nissan ad that appears about midway through the video. The video is a confusing, profanity-laced confrontation between two women on a beach. There is no explanation about the video except what Occupy Democrats tells it’s viewers. They claim that a “racist woman is attacking a Mexican-American “spiritual guide” in the video. With no evidence of their claim, Occupy Democrats falsely attempts to tie the confrontation between the two women to President Trump, saying, “This is what Trump has unleashed on America…” President Trump is never mentioned in the video. To date, the video has 1.1 million views. It was published on May 24, 2019.

Who placed this Nissan ad on the Occupy Democrats video? Is Facebook monetizing this kind of trash? Is this the kind of garbage Nissan wants to be associated with?

Although Facebook warns about violating intellectual property rights in their guidelines for monetization of videos, Occupy Democrats regularly use videos from cable networks like Fox News and MSNBC to push a negative message tied to President Trump in their videos monetized by Facebook.

This Fox News video below appeared on Occupy Democrats Facebook Page with yet another Nissan ad appearing in the middle of the video. Did Fox News give Occupy Democrats permission to use their video for purposes of promoting hatred against our President? Is Occupy Democrats sharing the monetization they receive from Facebook for using someone else’s video and adding their logo to the top right corner of the video?

Even the far-left Daily Beast trashed the Occupy Democrats Facebook page for their “relaxed attitude toward the truth, ” saying, “Occupy Democrats has repeatedly been dinged by fact-checking sites for posting exaggerated or invented news stories, earning several “pants on fire” ratings from PolitiFact and amassing a number of mentions on hoax-debunking site Snopes. Brooke Binkowski, a journalist who covered Occupy Democrats as the managing editor of Snopes, told The Daily Beast that the page’s headlines were often “extremely misleading.”

Many of the videos that appear on the Occupy Democrats Facebook page portray violence against people, while a large number of the videos promote racial division and hatred towards President Trump and his supporters.

Here is a sampling of what Occupy Democrats library of videos looks like:

On May 23, 2019, one of the owners of 100 Percent Fed Up reported a video on Occupy Democrats showing Heather Heyer being hit and killed by a vehicle; the video also shows another protester being smashed between two cars.

Here is the video:

Facebook responded to the complaint by saying the video does not violate their community standards.

The video is clearly a violation of Facebook’s Community Standards.

How can Occupy Democrats continue to run this type of content while other Facebook pages are being unpublished or are seeing their audiences disappear for publishing much less objectionable or offensive content?

Is Facebook paying Occupy Democrats for posting this kind of trash on their social media platform that they claim is now publishing more high quality and trusted content?



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