Remember when Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che slammed President Trump as a “cheap cracker” and “bitch”?

Che attacked the president during the show’s “Weekend Update” segment on Sept. 30 because of anger he felt over Trump rightly defending himself from Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Cruz was the opportunist mayor of San Juan who used tried to advance her career after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico by incessantly criticizing Trump for his administration’s otherwise successful relief efforts.

There are other instances of bashing white people in disgusting ways but these so-called comedians will never see any consequences for doing so:

Even Wanda Likes is guilty of bashing whites:

Do we give these people a pass because it’s politically correct to do so? Why the hands-off treatment when it comes to nasty racist comments from black comedians?

Chris Rock came under fire for one of the worst comments we’ve heard against whites:

Chris Rock: “I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month” he continued “I want to see white mothers on TV crying”.

The anti-white narrative continues.

Isn’t this considered to be hate speech? Chris Rock has a history of being a racist but this is over the top!

To watch a black comedian with a net worth of $70 million in a country with a majority white population whine about his victimhood is just pathetic. And for anyone who thinks it’s okay for Rock to spew this kind of hatred for whites in a video because he’s a ‘comedian,” you may want to watch this video (especially starting at the 3:10 mark) because there’s nothing funny about anything he has to say:


“My dad used to say: ‘You can’t beat white people at anything…nothing. But you can knock ’em out.'”

‘In my neighborhood, there’s like 3- 4 black people in my neighborhood in Alpine. It’s me, Gary Sheffield, Mary Jane Blige, Patrick Ewing. Hall of Famer, Hall of Famer, greatest R & B singer of our time. Who lives next to me? What’s the white man next to me? He’s a dentist. He didn’t invent anything, he’s just a dentist. That’s what America is.

(So, going to college and becoming a successful dentist is something that was ‘given’ to him?) Tell the third generation white coal miner about his ‘white privilege’ Chris. Tell the white single mom flipping burgers by day and cleaning hotel rooms by night about her “white privilege” Chris. Maybe, just maybe, if you took off your racist goggles for 5 minutes, you might see that blacks don’t have the market on victimhood.  

And if you think anything has changed since victim Chris Rock made this racist video, here is a video he made about the Confederate flag 3 years ago. Watch as he attempts to mock every white person (or “cracker” as he calls them). The best line is when he calls Al Sharpton “Martin Luther King with a perm”:


How can this be acceptable to anyone?


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