When Will & Grace creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick reunited the stars of the NBC comedy in fall 2016, more than 10 years after its finale, a reboot was not on their minds. “There was not one word about, ‘Let’s figure out a way to do this again!’ ” insists Kohan, 53. The pair were so sure that the project — a video in support of then-candidate Hillary Clinton — would be their last with the gang that they hired a film crew “as a way to memorialize the event for our daughters,” explains Mutchnick, 51.

But NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt had other plans. Less than two weeks later, the creators were back at the NBC commissary discussing a revival. The multicam returns Thursday, Sept. 28, for season nine, with a tenth season already greenlighted.

Picking up “11 years later,” as the season premiere title suggests, the new episodes will largely ignore the events of the series finale, in which Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) both married, had kids and went their separate ways. Instead, the two are single and living together, still, with Jack (Sean Hayes) across the hall and Karen (Megan Mullally) just as rich and outrageous as ever.

The other big change since the foursome last graced the small screen? The new president in the White House — despite Kohan and Mutchnick’s best efforts on Clinton’s behalf. “There’s a lot of tension in the air, so there’s a lot of things to write and there are a lot of reasons to make an audience laugh,” Mutchnick says. –THR

3 weeks before the election, Will and Grace’s writers produced a video using the cast the show’s former cast to beg liberal viewers to vote for Hillary. The entire 9 minute and 37-second video was created for the sole purpose of trashing then-candidate President Trump. David Kohan From Bob Greenblatt were so inspired by the number of Trump-hating liberals who viewed their video received, that they decided to start the series back up again.

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The video includes classy lines from Will about then-candidate Trump being a “dick”. When Grace reminds Will that the election is “all going to come down to undecided Pennsylvania’s voters anyway,” to which Will replies: “Right, the unemployed, uneducated, angry white man.”  And there you have it, the arrogance of the liberal Hollywood writer, who expects Americans to sit down once a week and watch themselves be mocked and berated, as the writers refer to middle-America as UNEDUCATED, UNEMPLOYED, ANGRY WHITE MEN…


Watch the video that inspired the writers to bring back the angry new Trump-bashing sitcom: 



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