Senator Cruz blasted Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland during a Senate Judicial Committee hearing for refusing to answer if he agrees with police officers being fired for refusing to take the COVID jab.

Cruz explained to Garland that over one-third of police officers in the crime-ridden city of Chicago are refusing to share their vaccination status. He asked AG Garland, “As the chief law enforcement officer of the nation, do you agree with Joe Biden saying they “should be fired, despite skyrocketing crime”?

AG Garland refused to answer his question about whether or not he agreed with Joe Biden and instead threw the issue back at the states to decide.

Not only did AG Garland refuse to answer the question, but he used an emotional, unproven claim to back up Biden’s outrageous demand.  “A large percentage of police officers who died this year died of COVID-19,” Garland said, and then, without any evidence of his claim, Garland asserted that they wouldn’t have died if they were vaccinated.

Does Garland have evidence that every police officer with COVID-19 listed as their cause of death actually died of COVID? Does he also have proof that every police officer who actually died of COVID-19 would have survived if they were vaccinated? There is, however, plenty of evidence to refute his claim, including the recent COVID death of fully-vaccinated Colin Powell.


Before Cruz could force Garland to answer his question, the committee chair, Democrat Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, cut him off, demanding that his time was up. Just moments before Cruz began his questioning of Garland, Senator Durbin gave Democrat Senator Cory Booker (NJ) more time to push AG for even more control of US citizens.

Watch the heated exchange here.

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