Last year the Oscars hit a record-low number of viewers at 23.64 million viewers, and this year that number dropped by 58% with only 9.85 million viewers. They did, however, reach an all-time high level of “wokeness” which at the very least made them feel good about themselves.

Despite uprooting and displacing a large amount of LA’s homeless to “clean up” the surrounding area, the celebrities in attendance preached humanity, humility, and equality throughout the 3-hour-long program. For the 93rd annual time, celebrities paraded themselves around in outfits worth thousands of dollars then forced viewers to listen to their cries about equity and ‘the struggles’ they’ve endured.

The host of the night, Regina King, opened the Oscars by celebrating Derek Chavin’s conviction for the murder of George Floyd. Director Travon Free wore a suit jacket with the names of Black people killed by the police on the inside lining, and Mia Neal spoke about breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ for trans peoples and minorities in her acceptance speech.

Travon Free displaying his jacket on the Oscars’ red carpet.

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This Oscars event was arguably the most diverse and inclusive yet, with the first Asian woman (and second woman ever), Chloe Zhao, winning ‘best director’, and Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson were the first Black women to win in makeup and hairstyling. In addition to the winners, the celebrities scrambled to add in their take on recent social and political issues, supporting BLM and condemning police violence with every chance they got.

Chloe Zhao posing with her Oscar for Best Director for the film ‘Nomadland’

Despite a significant level of diversity amongst this year’s Oscar winners, the complete focus on equal recognition among races and identities, as well as the Leftist rhetoric surrounding political issues, the Left STILL found a reason to complain. The final award of the night for ‘Best Actor’ went to 83-year-old Anthony Hopkins over Black actor Chadwick Boseman who passed away in 2020, prompting strong backlash from fans who claimed it was the “most racist” Oscars ending they have ever seen.

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The few viewers who did tune in to watch the night’s events seemed to have been dissatisfied, while the ratings dropped drastically for the once widely-viewed show. While it is hard to please everyone, the Oscars seemed to struggle to please anyone this time around.

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