After being paid $100 million by Netflix to complain about their terrible misfortunes as wealthy celebrities/royalty, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have garnered significant criticism from viewers of their new docuseries, Harry and Meghan. The narcissistic couple not only continues to disrespect the Royal Family, but they have enraged many viewers after seemingly mocking the recently departed Queen Elizabeth.

Of all the painful parts of the series, one scene, in particular, seems to have gained the most negative attention and backlash from viewers.

In one of the episodes, the royal pair recounts Meghan’s first time meeting the Queen. Although most would consider the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth to be a great honor, the Duchess of Sussex seems to mock her encounter.

Totally skipping over the magnitude of the moment, Meghan describes the scenario as being like a “medieval times dinner and tournament.” She then mocked how she supposedly curtsied to the Queen, bowing her upper body down in an exaggerated, disrespectful manner while laughing.

“Pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty,” Meghan laughed, appearing to mock the entire encounter.

She also claimed to not have known she was expected to curtsy to the Queen, let alone know how to curtsy at all. This is a ridiculous statement as most people understand the tradition of curtsying to British royalty, and most people have at least seen someone curtsy before. Therefore, this shouldn’t have been such a shocking, foreign concept to Meghan – even though it’s clear she isn’t very bright.

Harry, without any emotion shown on his face, watched his wife mock his family’s tradition of bowing in respect to royalty, especially the longest female ruling monarch in history. This scene revealed just how disrespectful and self-absorbed Meghan truly is, and how tightly she has Harry wrapped around her finger.

This sign of disrespect sparked outrage among viewers, particularly the viewers in the UK. Many expressed disdain for Meghan’s display of “childishness” and “lack of class.”

One viewer from London sent their scathing criticism to the Daily Mail, saying,

“How self-obsessed and entitled do you have to be – and, I might add, lacking in common courtesy – to mock the British tradition of paying homage to the monarch with a bow or a curtsy? The Americans won’t stand it if we mock or deride their institutions or traditions – as Harry found out when he called their First Amendment bonkers.

Who do Harry and Meghan think they are? Let us hope that this docu-drama, which is even more a work of fiction as recent episodes of The Crown, will mark the beginning of their descent into disgrace and then obscurity.”

Many others expressed disbelief at how Harry sits back and lets his wife mock his late grandmother and Queen. One critic said,

“Harry, how could you sit there and watch her show such disrespect to the Queen, mimicking a pantomime curtsy? Your Queen, your ‘Commander in Chief’, your ‘Gran’? It sickened me.”

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