This week, a female passenger on a Delta flight attacked a man who put his mask down while attempting to eat.  The Gateway Pundit Reports

“A COVID paranoid female passenger on what is reported to be a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta Thursday attacked a man for not wearing a mask while he was eating. According to smartphone video posted online, the woman stood in the aisle with her mask dropped to berate the seated man prompting him to respond with profanities that triggered her into violence. Flight attendants tried to intervene, but the woman punched, scratched and spat on the man. ”


After the incident, she was escorted to the back of the plane by Delta flight attendants and arrested at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport by Atlanta Police.  Now, it has been revealed that the FBI arrested the woman on Thursday in connection with the incident.  The Delta passengers name is Patricia Cornwall.  According to a source connected to the case, Cornwall is scheduled to appear in court in Atlanta on Monday.

Violence against unmasked and unvaccinated people has happened alongside state repression.  This month, six men, including a decorated Army veteran were arrested at a New York Cheesecake Factory after they refused to show their vaccine passports to employees.


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