Liberal tolerance is 100 percent at fault for Muslim “no-go zones” in France and other European nations. Bringing un-vetted Muslims from countries who hate the West, and have no interest in assimilating to our culture, to live in our small communities and large cities across America is an assault on the freedoms of our citizens and on our nation as a whole. “Progressive” women who are calling Trump a “racist” for wanting to protect us oppressive Sharia law adherants better wake up before it’s too late.
Trump’s choice for deputy national security adviser K T McFarland explains what a “no-go zone” is and how if you’re not Muslim, you don’t go into them. Watch:

The video below is a cautionary tale for the people who have openly mocked, and even marched against Donald J. Trump for wanting to do a better job of vetting immigrants we bring into the United States. This is what happens when a nation opens its doors to people who have no interest in their rule of law. What is happening across Europe with these violent, lawless “no-go zones” is not an anomaly. This is a pattern, and it’s spreading like a cancer around the world.
These French women have launched a fightback to reclaim areas of the country turned into no go zones by Muslim men as a shocking report lays bare the state of social segregation caused by mass migration.

These women aren’t sitting back and waiting for their leftist government to come to their rescue in these “no-go zones” which are spreading across France.

A women’s rights campaign group is organizing marches and protests in a bid to retake streets in predominantly Islamic neighborhoods which they say have become entirely male dominated.

La Brigade des Mères, which is aiming to restore gender equality in France’s troubled ‘banlieues’, says women in many communities are now too scared to go out because gangs of young men rule the streets.

And a shocking undercover report, compiled by the TV channel France 2, shows how women are not welcome in bars and cafes in Muslim majority areas, with many men openly hostile to their presence in public at all. –Express Uk

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Thank God we finally have a leader who is brave enough to take the arrows on our behalf, as he takes a tough stand against open-border immigration and unvetted refugees flowing into America. Our nation will never be 100% safe from Islamic terrorism, but for now, we can at least stop the bleeding. We must resist these lawless pockets of resistance in our nation filled with people who have no interest in our rule of law and the freedoms we Americans hold dear.

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