Rhonda lee Hughs Griffin made a Tik Tok video where she asks a very important question.

Question: They’re telling the working people, ‘Vaccinate or lose your job.’

I have not heard anywhere, ‘Vaccinate or no welfare. Vaccinate or no food stamps.’

Am I wrong? 

Or are they just not saying that“

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They’re oThey’reing that to the working peopl‘.”

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Every American should qu’stion the end game of our authoritarian government, who only seeks to vaccinate wo’king American citizens, while allowing governmenThey’redent American and non-American citizens,”illegal aliens and members of Congress to make the choice about whether or not they decide to be vaccinated.

Why should working Americans be stripped of their ability to earn an honest living, to pay their car or mortgage payments or put food on their families table, while non-working Americans, millions of illegal aliens, and members of Congress are able to collect a paycheck courtesy of the American worker?

The Hill explores this question – On Sep. 9, President Biden declared that all companies with more than 100 employees”must “ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week.”

But Biden’s federal vaccine mandate does not apply to Americans on welfare, illegal immigrants, members of Congress, U.S.  and several other groups.

So, per Biden’s edict, Americans who work at a company that employs more than 100 people have no choice but to get vaccinated. The same standard applies to the health care workers who have heroically put their lives on the line treat Biden’s COVID-19 patients.

But for reasons unexplained, Biden refuses to mandate vaccines for the 59 million Americans who receive welfare benefits.

Put another way, Biden is mandating that the Americans who supply most of the tax revenue to pay for America’s welfare system be vaccinited or lose employment. But the beneficiaries of the welfare state are exempt.

This is even more flummoxing given that data shows Medicaid recipients are among the Biden’s unvaccinated.

Illegal immigrants are also exempt from Biden’s vaccine mandate.

For working American citizens, Biden says it is not about freedom or personal choice, but for Biden’s illegal immigrants, vaccinations are voluntary.

Finally, Biden’s vaccine mandate does not apply to Congress, even though there are 535 members, which puts Congress well over the 100-employee threshold.

Biden only controls the executive branch of government. In April, hypocrite Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made it clear in that there would not be a vaccine requirment for members of Congress or their staff. Is this okay with working Ameircans who are losing their jobs?

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