The World Economic Forum is a cult made up of the most elite globalist billionaires, politicians, empty-headed artists, and world leaders on the planet.

They have incredible influence, power, and wealth that now bends nations to do their bidding.  Their ultimate end goal is a ‘Great Reset’ that completely negates sovereign nations’ power, granting it, instead, to a global technocratic authoritarian oligarchy with China at the top of the heap.

This is no longer just some Alex Jones conspiracy theory.  It is quite well documented.  Their leader, Klaus Schwab, even wrote a book on it that just happened to be perfectly timed with the Wuhan CCP Virus hysteria.

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In fact, they also make vignette videos designed to manipulate their viewers into believing that tyranny is a good thing, meat-eating will be banned, you’ll own nothing, and Western society is a thing of the past.

Now, in their latest video (which they quickly deleted) designed to break the Western psyche, they argue that unconstitutional lockdowns are actually a great thing for America and the planet because they make the earth ‘quieter” with a little less ‘ambient noise.’

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Due to 2020 lockdowns, mental disorders, depression, murders, shootings skyrocketed as 60 percent of small businesses were permanently vaporized and individuals lost numerous constitutional rights based upon the pseudoscience of the Wuhan CCP coronavirus.  Also, the government’s hysteria resulted in an incredible devaluation of the dollar and transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor to the elite class who run the WEForum.  In short, your dollar is now worth much, muchmuch less than it was before as food prices skyrocket and shelves become more and more sparse with goods.

The WEForum believes this is all a good thing because some scientists somewhere measured some earthquakes slightly better, and pollution in some places decreased marginally.

All it took was Western society being pushed by governments and corporations close to the brink of a civil war using riots and lockdowns that didn’t even stop the spread of the virus or help in any scientific way.

And the left calls this ‘sustainability.’

Control freaks and change junkies never care about the negative side effects of their actions on other people.  All that matters to them is their end goal, by any means necessary.

This is, at the very least, an anti-Western cult that seeks to control the global populations.


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