Mike Lindell is DROPPING prices on 25 MY PILLOW products – Yes, 25!!! — so you can get the REST and SLEEP you deserve!

Check out all 25 below!

To get the sale prices, look for this box at the top of the MyPillow site:

Enter FEDUP where it says “ENTER PROMO CODE HERE” and click CONFIRM.

When you do that, you’ll get all of these amazing deals:

1. Women’s Sleepwear/Loungewear – Robes, Wraps, Scarves, Hats, Hoodies, and more! All sizes! Use discount code FEDUP to save 50%!

2. Men’s Sleepwear/Loungewear – Tees, Shorts, Flannels, Pullovers, and more! Also, in Large and Tall Sizes! Click here and use FEDUP to get a 100 Percent Fed Up discount!

3. Body Pillow with Body Pillowcase – this body pillow provides you the PERFECT comfort and support throughout the night! Use promo code FEDUP to save BIG!

4. Roll & GoAnywhere MyPillowsgreat for the couch or recliner – use in the car or on the plane – for MAXIMUM support – Only $9.99 each when you CLICK here and enter FEDUP as your promo code!

5. The Original My Pillow – The Classic – Click here and enter FEDUP to purchase as low as $19.99!

6. My Slippers – the warmest and softest ever – in Mens and Womens sizes! Click here to get a pair of MySlippers in your size – use promo code FEDUP to save 50%!

7. Couch Pillows“look great with any décor…give you the comfort you want and the support you need while watching TV” Enter promo code FEDUP to get 100 Percent Fed Up discount!

8. Throw Blanketsmade with 100% Supima Cotton – oversized for maximum comfort! Perfect for curling up on the couch! Click here and enter FEDUP to save 50%! Mike guarantees “They’ll be the most comfortable THROW BLANKETS you’ll ever own!”

9. Waffle Blanketthe “midweight, all-season blanket”…perfect for layering – great for extra warmth in bed – or as a comfy throw on the couch! Use promo code FEDUP to get BIG SAVINGS!

10. 6-Piece Towel Set – comes in 7 colors! – 2-Bath Towels, 2-Hand Towels, 2-Washcloths …“Proprietary technology…highly absorbent” The best on the market! Click and enter FEDUP to get claim your savings!

11. Individual MyPillow Towelswant just ONE Towel? Click here and use FEDUP to get 100 Percent Fed Up discount! They’re soft to the touch, without the “lotiony” feel.

12. Dog Beds – If you want your dog to try one, click here and use promo code FEDUP at MyPillow.com — you’ll a big discount and benefit 100 Percent Fed Up.

13. NEW product: Pet Blankets – Plush Fleece…Waterproof Internal lining…machine washable. Click here and use promo code FEDUP to save!

14. Coil Mattress Sleep System – a MATTRESS like no other! Layers of support! Click here, enter FEDUP to get your discount on this amazing mattress! Comes with: 2 FREE MyPillows – 1 FREE set of Giza Dream Bed Sheets – FREE shipping!

15. Giza Dream Sheets – “Ultra soft and breathable”…”Luxurious finish” – Save 60% with promo code FEDUP. Customers say…

“I LOVE these sheets. The best I have ever slept on and they fit the mattress so well. I have 2 sets but hope to buy more. You won’t regret buying these sheets.”

16. 2” Mattress Topper – 3 unique layers – our patented foam, transitional foam, and a cover to regulate your body temperature – for your best sleep ever! Click and enter FEDUP to get claim your savings!

17. Gosammer Blankets – are you a HOT SLEEPER? Try one! Airy, lightweight texture that is “Supremely Soft”. Click here and enter FEDUP to save 50%!

18. MyPillow Quilts – 7 GREAT COLORS! Save 50% when you CLICK and enter promo code: FEDUP – “great to use as a lighter weight, year-round bedding layer”

19. Down Comforter – get the All Season 600 Fill Down Comforter or the PREMIUM 700 Down Comforter – Click here and enter FEDUP to save 50%!

20. Duvet CoverEnhance the luxury of your bedroom with this three-piece duvet set – ultra soft! Machine washable. Use Promo Code FEDUP to get the CLOSEOUT SPECIAL!

21. Weighted Blanket – Handmade! – hugs your body and provides a calming comfort to restless sleepers – 50% off when you use promo code: FEDUP

22. Giza Cotton Pillowcases – all sizes! – NEW! Premium cotton pillowcases made of 100% certified Giza cotton. Click here and use FEDUP to get 100 Percent Fed Up discount!

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23. Standard Mossy Oak Pillowcases – the best design! Click here to see and enter FEDUP to get BIG SAVINGS!

24. The MyPillow Adjustable Base:

  • Full Body Adjustability –allows you to elevate your head and/or feet to give you maximum comfort when you’re watching TV. Helps reduce snoring and relieve joint pain.

  • Packed with Technology – A wireless remote, underbed LED lights and dual USB charging ports, the MyPillow adjustable base has all the extras you could want.

  • Customizable Presets – Three programmable presets get you into your favorite positions within seconds and a one-touch button gets you back to flat instantly.

  • Massage Features – Two high-powered low noise motors help you unwind in the comfort of your bed.

  • Convenient Shipping – Delivered by FedEx right to your door!

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Remember to look for this box at the top of the site:

Use promo code FedUp at checkout and save up to 80%. (100 Percent Fed Up benefits when you use this promo code.)

Enter FEDUP where it says “ENTER PROMO CODE HERE” and click CONFIRM.

You’ll get your discount and support Mike Lindell and 100 Percent Fed Up.

Hurry – we don’t know how long these sales will last.

Click here to see all the discounts on one page!

Thank you!

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