Outspoken British actress and columnist asks brilliant question: “Any mosques lit up in the colors of the Belgian flag?” She is dead on (no pun intended) about these “refugees” flooding Europe and attempting to flood (with the aid of Obama and Democrats like Hillary Clinton) America.

KATIE HOPKINS has been told to “show some respect” for those affected by the Brussels terrorist attacks, after blaming what happened on refugees and German chancellor Angela Merkel.



The controversial columnist said anyone who supported those fleeing war-torn countries was also in the frame for the blasts, which has so far claimed 34 lives.


The 41-year-old told her 628,000 Twitter followers: “Next time you hear someone say we are safer IN the EU – remember Brussels. Seen as the heart of Europe, it is now jihadi central.”

Katie continued: “How can you separate the human from the political. Merkel – and her ilk – blew up Brussels #brexit.



“How about we cut from pics of dead bodies on the Metro – to more boats, happily crossing the Med. Liberal left – s*** at joining the dots.”

Katie added: “Every one of you who said refugees are welcome, if you said ‘let them in’. You are responsible for Brussels. And you still can’t see.”


Her remarks were quickly met by angry users who blasted her for the insensitive tweets.

“To those of us who thought what @KTHopkins has had to go through recently would open up a shred of humanity, sense or empathy have been disappointed,” one person wrote.

Via: Express UK


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