Conservative rock star, and communications director for Turning Point USA, Candace Owens, has been hitting back at liberals and exposing their hypocrisy for the past couple of years. Candace wasn’t always a conservative though, and she certainly didn’t come from a family with conservative views.

During a conference at the Center of the American Experiment lunch forum, Owens explained to the crowd how she became a conservative, and how she didn’t exactly come from a conservative family.

Owens told the crowd that her favorite, made-up story by the media is that she is a “rich girl from Connecticut”. Owens laughed sarcastically, and told the crowd, “If I am rich, please let my parents know. That would be very interesting, versus the way that I actually grew up.” Owens immediately clarified that the truth is, that “Yes, I was raised in Connecticut. I was raised in Stanford, Connecticut, and my family is not, not was, most of my family wasn’t on welfare, they currently are on welfare. I come from a background where I grew up seeing my uncles in prison. And, uh, I grew up with a broken family, a very typical, what I would say a ‘black American story’”.  See the full video HERE.

While she may not have grown up in a conservative household, it’s not hard to see where she gets her unfiltered common sense views, after reading a text Owens shared from her father regarding the discrimination White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders suffered when the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA kicked her out of her restaurant over her political beliefs.

Candace’s father sent her a message on her phone that read: Candace, what The Red Hen Restaurant in VA, did to Sarah Huckabee is soooo sad. No difference than if Martin Luther King was ask to leave a restaurant in the 60s because he was “Colored” If you see her tell her as a American and a Black man I am sorry. But proud that she took the high road…so sad.

Here’s the text message Candace Owens shared on Twitter:

Here’s the Tweet where Candace Owens asks her followers to help get it out to Sarah Sanders.

What say you? Is it okay for people who own businesses to kick customers out who hold political beliefs that are in opposition to theirs?

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