The Biden Regime’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan is so embarrassing that even liberal pundits at CNN feel compelled to speak up.  This week, a report surfaced from NBC that directly implicates the Biden administration in the withdrawal going south, leading to the deaths of 13 U.S service members and the country being under total Taliban control.  CNN’s Jake Tapper criticized the Biden administration yesterday on his show, demanding that he is held to account and that he take the situation more seriously.  WATCH:


“I do not understand why he would not manifest that care in to taking this investigation more seriously.  Absorbing the tragic details, contemplating the obvious failures of his administration.  Failures that cost lives.  Biden always bristles at this because he feels confident that ending the war in Afghanistan was the right decision.  That’s not the question at hand, its not whether, but how the war ended.  And what that means to the people who were there when it did finally end.  No part of these military interviews ring true because “that’s not what I was told”?  If this is not what you were told, then what was?  And don’t you have an obligation to be told, don’t you have an obligation to Ryan Knauss’ family?  His grieving mother?” Tapper said.

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan has led to other negative consequences for Americans.  Thousands of refugees scrambling to get out were not vetted properly before coming to the United States.  Last month, one of Biden’s Afghanistan refugees was convicted of sexually assaulting a three year-old girl.

The situation in Afghanistan for those who were left behind is not much better.  Families have been left in a desperate situation where some have taken to selling their pre pubescent children to stay alive.

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