Adam Fox, 39, and Barry Croft Jr., 46, are on trial again for conspiracy charges related to the alleged plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer. Two other defendants in the case were already acquitted by a jury. A verdict was not reached on Fox or Croft. Their defense attorneys questioned FBI informant Dan Chappel known as “Big Dan,” who infiltrated the group.

“Big Dan” Chappel

Chappell, an Army veteran who testified that he joined the paramilitary group Wolverine Watchmen in early 2020, said his goal was to keep his gun skills sharp. He went to the FBI when he became concerned about the group planning to harm politicians.


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Chappell was questioned by the defense attorneys about the $50k he received in compensation from the FBI. Julie Kelly provided a breakdown of the cash payments reportedly paid to “Big Dan” Chappell.

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Adam Fox’s attorney pointed out that Chappell went along with shooting at Michigan’s Governor’s second home.

“You said it would look like a hunting accident,” Fox attorney Gibbons questioned Chappell, who responded that he was “just trying to fit into the group”according to Fox News.


Tucker Carlson called out the Justice Department,

 “People overseeing the FBI have ignored egregious examples of corruption.”

He shared damaging allegations against the FBI’s role in the Whitmer kidnapping scheme as they continue to surface. He pointed to the FBI attempting to entrap the men they recruited as a 2a rights group on Facebook.  

The FBI even used a female agent, “a honeypot,” to sleep in the same hotel room and bed as Barry Croft, her target. FBI agents also smoked pot with Croft. One of the FBI agents texted “Big Dan” Chappell that the mission was “to kill Governor Whitmer.”

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