Have you noticed that there are two sets of rules when it comes to Coronavirus shutdowns?

Last week, we found out that Nancy Pelosi went to a hair salon with no mask on, even though that goes against the rules she supports imposing on everyone else.

Now, we find out that while private gyms in San Francisco have had to remain shut down, government-owned gyms have been open for months, while private businesses are dying. San Francisco gym owners are outraged after learning that gyms in government buildings for police officers and city employees have been open despite the coronavirus pandemic.

NBC News in the Bay Area reports:

San Francisco Government Buildings Keep Gyms Open, Crush Private Gym Owners

For months, the city of San Francisco health order has prevented local gyms from opening its doors, but some city-owned gyms have been back open for months and are allowing city employees to use them, crushing private gym owners.

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“It’s shocking, it’s infuriating,” said Daniele Rabkin from Crossfit Golden Gate.

She said she has done everything she can to keep her gym on Sutter Street alive.

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One city Public Safety building recorded 468 gym visits in May, according to records the San Francisco Police Department shared with The Mission Local.

“The Department requires sworn members perform and pass a physical fitness exam every six months (twice annually),” the San Francisco Police Department told The Mission Local in a statement. “Because of these requirements and the periodic testing, the SFPD has private gym facilities at all locations throughout the city of San Francisco and they continue to operate in consultation with our Health partners.”

The article continued:


“Even though they’re getting exposed, there are no repercussions, no ramifications? It’s shocking,” she said.

Rabkin even reached out to a couple police officers she knows in the neighborhood asking them if they needed a place to work out since their station gym was supposedly closed.

But a text exchange appeared to show they did have access to the SFPD Northern District Police Station on FIllmore Street — and police said Thursday that safety and cleaning protocols, as well as occupancy limits, have been established in department gyms.

“It just demonstrates that there seems to be some kind of a double standard between what city employees are allowed to do and what the residents of San Francisco are allowed to do,” said Dave Karraker, owner of MX3 Fitness in the Castro.

This is tyranny.

Liberal government officials are not living by the rules they are imposing on everyone else.

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