As the Republican National Convention draws closer, candidates for the RNC Chairman are making their final appeals to delegates who will decide the direction of the Republican Party for years to come.

So far, three main candidates have emerged as the favorites among delegates and the general public in the face; incumbent Ronna McDaniel, conservative lawyer and activist Harmeet Dhillon, and prominent businessman and conservative activist Mike Lindell.

While the favored alternative to McDaniel is still somewhat up in the air, conservatives across the country have made their distaste for McDaniel clearer as time goes on.

Delegates to state conventions in Florida, Michigan, and various other states have threw their support behind either Dhillon or Lindell.

A poll of Michigan Republican delegates taken this week gave only 5% support to McDaniel and narrowly supported Dhillon.


In a national poll taken by Rasmussen, a larger, but still slim minority of voters supported McDaniel, who came in last place among the three, getting 15% support.

In their national poll, Lindell edged out both Dhillon and McDaniel with 30% support, giving him a last minute boost before the convention takes place.

Via Rasmussen Reports

“Fewer than 1-in-5 Republican voters want to see Ronna McDaniel reelected as chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 15% of Likely Republican Voters support McDaniel for another term as RNC chair. Thirty percent (30%) of GOP voters support businessman Mike Lindell, 20% support attorney Harmeet Dhillon, 15% don’t support any of the three candidates and 21% are undecided”

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