Notice at the beginning of the video where Joe Biden hops out of his vehicle and briskly makes his way up the stairs for a photo op in front of his childhood home. The cameras catch his every move. But where is Hillary?  It’s pretty clear that this photo-op for Hillary was all orchestrated by Hillary and the press. The cameras were focused solely on Biden while Hillary limps up the stairs (the camera’s catch her walking towards Biden, but only very briefly, as she appears to have some sort of physical disability that’s preventing her from walking without assistance).  

Does anyone else think Joe Biden might be having some serious regrets about not running for President? It’s somewhat ironic that Joe was likely pushed out of the way by the corrupt Clinton machine, only to have to cover for #unfit Crooked Hillary virtually months before the general election in his childhood home. 

Standing outside the home, Clinton embraced the owner with one arm while holding onto the railing on the front walk. Moments later, she pivoted — and grabbed the railing with the other hand.

Then she pivoted back, only to reach for the railing again with the other hand.

Inside the house, she held onto a chair and moved to lean on the kitchen table.

Earlier in the day, she was caught on camera stumbling while trying to make her way from the podium during a rally with Biden.

Here’s Joe Biden covering for #UnfitHillary again during her rally, as he was forced to catch her, as she was falling as she stepped down from the podium:

American Mirror

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