Doris Truong is a reporter for the hard left-leaning Washington [Com]Post where they only have the highest regard for journalistic integrity…right? Well…maybe not so much.

During a break in the confirmation hearings for Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, a reporter (who many on Twitter are claiming is Doris Truong, the homepage editor for the Washington Post) was caught on camera snapping photos of the notes left on the table where Tillerson sat.

UPDATE: Doris Truong has published a piece on the Washington Post where she claims the woman in the video is NOT her. From her piece: I work as a homepage editor at The Washington Post. Because Wednesday was my day off, I hadn’t been online much. But before I went to bed, I noticed a message request on Facebook. Someone I didn’t know asked: “Any comment on you taking photos of Rex Tillerson’s notes?” When I checked Twitter, I had to scroll for several minutes to figure out what was going on. It seemed to start with this post: “Who is this woman and why is she secretly snapping photos of Rex Tillerson’s notes?” 

We’d love to know who this woman is. If you have any idea who this woman is, or who the man is that can be seen talking to her in the video, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email: [email protected]

From the Gateway Pundit:

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The Washington Post says the reporter is not Doris Truong, their homepage editor.

It is not clear at this point who the reporter was but she was friendly with the men in the video.

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Please email us if you recognize the woman.

Truong, who is being hammered on Twitter over claims that she took pictures of Tillerson’s notes has not disputed the claims on her Twitter account, even though she is getting hammered by Twitter users over this video. We also scanned the Washington Post’s website to see if there was any mention of the video and the potentially false claim that the woman caught on camera does not work for them. We couldn’t find anything on their website about the incident or a story refuting their reporter’s involvement.

Some were saying the woman in the video was actually Lisa Song, a reporter for Inside Climate News. Lisa Song has flatly denied this allegation on her Twitter account (which is more than Truong has done to date).

We asked Washington Post reporter Doris Truong if she is the woman in the video on Twitter:

We’ll wait for her reply, and hope to have an update soon…

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