Pro-Trump GOP Senator Ron Johnson has gained $7.1 million in contributions for his reelection campaign as he runs for his third term in Wisconsin

Increasing from just over $700,000 in contributions during the last three months of 2021, Senator Ron Johnson has received over $7 million in contributions since announcing his intention to run for a third term in January.

The Wisconsin senator is a notable Trump-ally whom the president endorsed as far back as April of 2021, over 8 months before Senator Johnson even announced his intention to run again.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson

From Fox News:

Johnson’s political team highlighted that the senator’s fundraising during the first quarter came from 71,000 total contributions from over 40,000 donors. And showcasing the senator’s grassroots appeal, they noted that 95% of donations were under $200 and that $2.1 million was raised on-line, with the average digital donation of just $38.

“Senator Johnson’s strong fundraising quarter shows broad support for his campaign,” campaign communications director Jake Wilkins touted.

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Senator Johnson has been a fierce defend of freedom and election integrity, criticizing COVID mandates and vaccine-pushers as well as denouncing some of the flak received by 1/6 Protestors, whom he accurately referred to as people who “love this country.”

Johnson is using fundraising resources “to counter the lies and distortions of multiple Democrat candidates, liberal dark money groups, and biased media,” Wilkins argued. “Since Democrats cannot defend the disastrous results of their policies – record gasoline prices, 40-year high inflation, a flood of illegal immigration, rising crime, and a weakened America – they resort to the politics of personal destruction.”

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It’s no wonder that President Trump endorsed him.

With a race predicted to be close but leaning Republican, and nearly a dozen Democrats primarying for their party’s senate nomination in the state, it’s a reassuring sign both that Senator Johnson has received so many campaign contributions and that he has received a glowing endorsement from the most important person in the Republican party–President Trump.

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