A middle school teacher in Alabama is living a double life. By day, Mr. Miller, and by night, drag queen Miss Majesty Divine. While dressed in drag, Miller performed at a “family-friendly event” where he made multiple sexually-suggestive comments in a room full of children. After being placed on temporary leave from his teaching job, Miller returned and is now teaching children how to perform as a drag queen and collect tips from an adult audience.

James Miller (aka Ms. Majesty Divine)

On September 24th, Miller did a “drag queen story hour” where he read books to young children at a dog shelter. The “family-friendly” event was live-streamed on Facebook, during which the middle school teacher/drag queen made highly inappropriate comments to the room full of children, including “everybody likes a big bone,” and that all men have “meat on their mind.”

It was apparent that Miller understood the sexual connotations of his jokes because right after he said them, he asked, “We’re not still live, are we?”

Mountain Gap Middle School, where Miller works, only temporarily suspended him for these actions. He is now back in the classroom. Since he clearly does not have a grasp on what’s considered “family-friendly,” who knows what kind of things he says to his students?

Miller was also recorded performing at a drag show for kids where he taught a child how to perform and collect tips from an adult audience.

On Miller’s ‘Majesty Divine’ Facebook page, he posts completely inappropriate images of himself. One of these images shows a man biting his fake breasts, and another picture shows a man putting their face into his crotch while he’s mostly nude.

Could you imagine if a female teacher posted pictures like this online?

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