Popstar Madonna has been posting a lot of bizarre videos on TikTok lately, leaving fans confused and worried about her. In a recent post, Madonna appears unrecognizable, making odd faces at the camera and barely opening her eyes.

In the comments, a lot of her followers are asking what she’s done to herself and suggesting it’s maybe “best to just age,” due to the obvious amount of work she’s had done to her face. Others ask if the singer is okay, and express concern for her well-being.


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This is just the latest unnerving thing that Madonna has done lately. Back in 2016, the 63-year-old singer, offered sexual favors to audience members if they would vote for Hillary Clinton. Then, in 2017, she publicly announced that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

More recently, she found herself making headlines for a bizarre video she posted about Covid-19. As she sat naked in a bath of rose petals, Madonna made an awkward, desperate attempt at gaining attention and bringing the focus back to herself during a global pandemic. While in the bathtub, she gave a dramatic monologue on how the pandemic has been a “great equalizer”, making everyone the same regardless of how rich they are. She then proceeded to label this as a “negative” aspect of the pandemic. Apparently, she was upset because Covid-19 doesn’t leave the rich and famous alone.



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