Buckle up because this is one of the most twisted stories in the entertainment business (and that’s saying a LOT!)

Yesterday, Jaclyn Moore, a white male who says he’s a female and also a writer and showrunner for the new Netflix series “Dear White People,” a show whose purpose is to make fun of white people essentially, has quit the Netflix show over comments black comedian Dave Chapelle made on Netflix during his latest comedy skit.

Watch Dave Chapelle as he tells his audience that “Gender is a fact!”

Netflix’s definition of “Dear White People” – Students of color navigate the daily slights and slippery politics of life at an Ivy League college that’s not nearly as “post-racial” as it thinks.

Moore is a biological male who decided to “become” a woman while America was in lockdown over the CCP virus.

Jaclyn Moore has always considered Dave Chappelle one of her “comic heroes.”

“His shadow is huge,” says Moore, who was a writer and showrunner on Netflix’s “Dear White People.” “He’s a brilliant goofy comedian, he’s brilliant as a political comedian. He has been brilliant for so so long, but I also don’t think because you’ve been brilliant means that you’re always brilliant.”

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Moore announced on Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday night that she would no longer work with Netflix after she watched Chappelle’s latest standup special, “The Closer,” which premiered on the streamer on Tuesday. In the special, Chappelle makes numerous jokes about trans women.

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Immediately after Variety published their article on the news about Moore quitting Netflix, social media exploded. Moore’s quitting the show appears to have opened a can of whoop-ass on the far-left Netflix for hiring a white trans guy to run a show about black people.

The Trump-hating Twitter user “Dump Truck” asked why Netflix hired a white person to be their showrunner for a show “which is supposedly about black ppl’s struggles?”

A tweet by Caleb Johnson in response to the Variety article is perfect:

So, you are telling me a white woman is the showrunner for Dear White People, a show about the struggles that black Americans face, and is boycotting a black comedian. Hmmm, Chappelle has a new bit.

This tweet is hilarious:

Over 3K people  Twitter users “liked” this tweet, mocking the hiring of a white person for the “Dear White People” show.

There are two serious issues here. The first issue is that the outrage from the public should not be about not whether or not the showrunner for an anti-white show made for blacks is white, but why Netflix even created a show for blacks to bash whites in the first place, and why the general public thinks this is okay? The second issue is the offense taken by COMEDIAN Dave Chapelle. He’s a comedian, correct? Isn’t the point of being a comedian to make people laugh? When a comedian has to start worrying about offending the audience, they are no longer a comedian but a slave to the woke police.

Have you canceled Netflix yet?

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