‘Lyin’ Joe Biden was enabled by Chris Wallace during the sham of a debate tonight with President Trump.

At one point in the debate, Biden commented with a quote and attributed it to Kellyanne Conway.

Well, Kellyanne Conway just called out Joe Biden for his lie:

“Thanks for debate shout-out, creepy/sleepy/weepy JOE, but you lied. And don’t sniff my hair, either.”

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Way to go, Kellyanne Conway!

Medium reported in August that Biden’s claim is false, but he keeps repeating it just like the other lies Biden continues repeating:

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One of Trump’s top advisors … expressed hope for more discord and violence in our cities.”
False. She was commenting on the widely-acknowledged fact that riots were hurting Democrats politically.
Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign attempted to blame President Donald Trump for nationwide riots in a statement Thursday night after the close of the Republican National Convention.
The statement claimed: “Before tonight’s convention, one of Trump’s top advisors even expressed hope for more discord and violence in our cities in a cynical ploy to use division as a political strategy.”

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