A Sacramento police officer got the shock of his life when a group of Black Lives Matter protesters crashed his wedding and started up with their antics and shenanigans. It’s not every day that your wedding has a special guest, let alone a protest, just because you’re a police officer who was involved in a shooting. Police have it bad enough with all that anti-cop rhetoric left over from the Obama administration, so it’s nonsense like this that continues pushing a divide when people should be working to get closer.

The officer, whose name is not being confirmed, was getting married just outside of Sacramento. The groom and his wedding party were getting ready for the event when the group of protesters pranced in and started calling the officer in question a “murderer.” This was completely unexpected and absolutely irresponsible of the protesters to do. This wedding has nothing to do with the incident that took place and anything relevant to the shooting or actions of the police or criminals should be handled in court, the right way.

CBS Sacramento covered the wedding crash on the news and shared this video:

The Daily Mail stated more about what the protesters did when they crashed the wedding:
“I just wanted to know if you started planning your wedding before you killed Stephon Clark or after?’ a woman says. ‘How you been sleeping since March 18? And I know this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, he will not have that option.’

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One of the groomsmen then gets up and kicks the group out of the room as they yell: ‘you’re a murderer!’

Tanya Faison, founder of Black Lives Matter Sacramento, told CBS that the group started planning the confrontation after they found the officer’s wedding website online, which included the venue he was getting married in.

‘I think they need to be approached in spaces where they’re a little more vulnerable,’ she said.

‘We’re not violent, we’re not gonna give to them what they brought to our community, we’re not gonna hurt anyone but we are gonna make them uncomfortable, and they should because someone is dead.’

Some people have criticized the group for taking things too far and confronting the officer on his wedding day, but Faison disagrees.”

When there’s civil unrest over something that happened between a police officer and another person, then there’s only one way to figure it out and that’s in court. How does crashing a wedding make anything better? How does acting unruly and showing up to ruin things make the situation get fixed and resolved? It doesn’t. It makes things worse. It makes Black Lives Matter look horrible and doesn’t help their cause. They already face enough scrutiny, so do they really think this makes them look better or that people will take them seriously after they’ve caused more disruption? Doubtful. It seemed like this was a bad move and one they should’ve thought about before doing.

Black Lives Matter certainly made the press after this publicity stunt, but will it actually help their cause?

Black Lives Matter on paper sounds like a great idea. It’s a group of people searching for equality and standing up for civil rights. However, when people who claim to represent Black Lives Matter participate in disruptive and/or violent behavior, then they lose credibility. The protests, blocking traffic, rioting, and anything else that Black Lives Matter is involved in that doesn’t actually help any of their situations, but for some reason, they seem to be convinced that it does.

What’s next for the officer involved in the shooting and Black Lives Matter? Only time will tell and it should be done properly, in court if and when needed.

On that note, if it’s not your wedding and you’re not invited, then stay out.

Mind your business.

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