Tell that to the 87 year old woman who was raped in broad daylight on the crime-ridden streets of Flint. Obama doesn’t care about Flint, MI anymore than he cares about the violence and out-of-control crime in his own backyard of Washington DC. The only reason Obama and his Democrat cronies are showing any concern for the citizens of Flint today, is because they are using their water crisis as a political football. They’re attempting to blame the Republican Governor of MI for the water crisis, while doing everything in their power to hold Obama’s evil EPA Director, Gina McCarthy harmless. If Obama cared so much about the residents of Flint, MI, why wouldn’t he be as concerned about helping them to find employment as he is about phony climate change? 

Flint — President Barack Obama’s assurances Wednesday that Flint’s water is safe to drink from faucet filters was met with skepticism among residents of this predominately African-American city beset by fears of lead lingering in their pipes.

Obama used his visit to the crisis-stricken city of 100,000 residents to promote the use of lead-removing faucet filters in an effort to bring some calm among residents distrustful of government.

“Although I understand the fear and concern that people have, and it is entirely legitimate, what the science tells us at this stage is you should not drink any of the water that is not filtered but if you get the filter and use it properly, that water can be consumed,” Obama said in a speech at Northwestern High School. “That’s information that I trust and I believe.” Via: Detroit News

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Flint, MI has been living in crisis mode for decades. It’s very likely they believed that when Barack Obama took office, he would do something to improve the conditions of their hell-hole of a city. They couldn’t have been more deceived: 

Business Insider – We’ve been ranking America’s most dangerous cities for several years, and there’s one city that keeps making the top of the list — Flint, Michigan.

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Flint had 66 homicides in 2012, tying a record it hit two years ago.

Forbes has also ranked Flint as one of most dangerous places for women. The most striking attack of 2012 occurred when an 87-year-old woman was raped outside her home in broad daylight. She decided to leave Flint.


GM’s Flint operations employed 80,000 people in 1978. At the time, New York City had a reputation for being the most dangerous place in America — not Flint.

However, the tide started to turn for Flint in the ’80s. That’s when GM started setting up factories in Mexico and dramatically reduced its operations in Flint. By 2006 GM employed just 8,000 people in Flint, according to Flint’s city manager.

With no major industry in Flint, the city’s unemployment and poverty rates have soared as many people have fled the city. Here are some factors that contribute to making Flint a dangerous place:

Flint only employed 122 police officers in 2012, down from 265 five years earlier because of budget cuts, reported. With 122 officers, Flint employs one officer for about every 830 people. Comparatively, New York City (which didn’t even make the top 25 most dangerous cities) covers about 235 people per cop.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Flint’s unemployment rate rests as 16.0 percent. Though not as low as Detroit’s, which rings in at 17.5 percent, Flint’s lack of work doesn’t bode well for the local economy. More than 38% of people there live below the poverty level, according to the most recent Census numbers. Poverty and crime are known to go hand in hand.

Drugs are a known accelerant for crime, including violent crime. Heroin use has increased dramatically among people between 18 and 29, the Flint Journal reported in 2011. That year, two teenagers died of overdoses within three days of each other.

As things get worse in Flint, its population continues to drop off. There were nearly 125,000 people living there in 2000, but that number declined to roughly 101,000 by 2011. This decline suggests Flint is no longer a place where people want to live.

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