A guest post by Hailey Sanibel at Blue State Conservative.

Barely a week ago, the idea of a nuclear power invading a neighboring country and then threatening to use their nuclear option if they met resistance barely registered as a concern. Joe Biden and his team of laughable foreign policy experts assured us that negotiations and sanctions were going to stop Putin in his tracks.

If only!

Thank goodness folks on the right have a sense of humor. Otherwise, how could you go through life’s constant insanities brought by idiot leftists? Politicians and their media allies have become so good at gaslighting and saying whatever had to be said in the moment that it probably doesn’t even bother them that they could make polar opposite statements in the same sentence.

Here is a great example of someone with a sense of humor pointing out the utter stupidity, hypocrisy, and gaslighting of our worthless ruling class:

And, of course, who could forget the dumbest human being to ever hold office, Vice President Kamala Harris:


“The purpose of the sanctions of the has always been and continues to be deterrence but let’s also recognize the unique nature of the sanctions that we have outlined these are some of the greatest sanctions if not the strongest we’ve ever issued.”

After the video plays those assertive statements on the power of deterrence, it switches gear into a bald-faced lie by Biden himself:

“No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening. This is going to take time and we have to show resolve..”

They not only think, but they know the American people are stupid. Russia can be deterred. Russia can’t be deterred. Same difference! If this were the only about-face, that’d be one thing, but the lies just keep coming.

Remember when federal vaccine mandates were almost the law of the land? Two months later and Covid has literally disappeared. In one of the more evil side-by-side photos, Joe Biden can be seen wearing a mask as he walks alone across the White House Lawn, then the next day maskless at his State of the Union address, then the day after that masked up again at an outside speech in Wisconsin.

Remember when Democrats ran on “defunding the police” for two whole years, and then suddenly Biden announced in his State of the Union speech that the answer to the predictable rise in crime was to fund them? It can’t get any more contemptible than that. At least with Ukraine, we aren’t witnessing Americans die directly – at least not yet. However, their Covid and crime gaslighting literally killed Americans.

The Democrats are evil. Do we need more proof?

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