The ABC reporter on Good Morning America must not have gotten the memo to zip it on reporting the truth about the border chaos. Joe Biden owns this border crisis, and Americans need to see what’s happening, but our media has ignored the truth. But…once in a while, the truth is spoken, and the video below is one of those rare occasions:

ABC reporter Cecelia Vega said “it is total mayhem” and that Democrats are “growing increasingly frustrated” with Biden.

There have been calls for Biden to come down to the border to see what’s going on, but he has refused to visit. Republican leaders went down to the border to see what’s happening there, but Joe is a no-show.

Senator Marsha Blackburn got to the heart of the “chaos” with facts:

A recent video from the border is another example of truth we’ve seen, but it’s not from the mainstream media:

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We just reported on the (mis)handling of Biden’s Border Crisis by his press secretary, Jen Psaki.  She cannot come up with solid answers for immigration questions because she knows her administration’s policies are directly responsible for the Crisis at our border that the Biden administration refuses to say exists.

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Now, new video footage claims to show a massive caravan of immigrants freely crossing from Mexico into America.  Do you think these people will be tested for the Wuhan CCP Virus?  Do you think they will be vetted at all for criminal history or ability to support themselves without government assistance?  Do you think they are well versed and studied in our constitutional republic or common law system so they can properly assimilate into our culture?  Will they instead demand that we assimilate their politics and culture that they are running from into ours?

“Video taken in SE Texas this morning. Huge line of people waiting for smugglers to ferry them across the Rio Grande into the US. Video courtesy of Tripwires and Triggers. #BorderCrisis”

Is this a crisis?  Would anyone form such a caravan to get into Mexico?  If not, why?


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