We recently reported on the soaring immigration madness that is trashing the rule of law in America that the Biden regime calls a gift to the US.  It is no secret that Biden prefers illegals to Americans, choosing to unequally enforce laws against Americans while allowing the most egregious or innocuous crimes to be committed by illegals.

Jen Psaky answers immigration crisis questions at press Whitehouse press conference

We have noted that Biden refuses to acknowledge the crisis.

This afternoon, Jen Psaky served several minutes of anxious word salad to journalists as she attempted to avoid using the word ‘crisis.’

From the video above, Biden and Harris’s solution seems to be expediting the acceptance and release of as many illegal immigrants as possible rather than securing our borders.

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But, another journalist confronted her on the issue as well from another angle, noting that illegal migrants aren’t being vetted at all to ensure they aren’t carriers of the Wuhan CCP Virus while traveling even though Americans are all forced to jump through draconian hoops to get from point A to point B:

Psaki, of course, gave more nervous word salad in response to the question, so the journalist reiterated the question:

Psaki responded by saying that spreading the Wuhan CCP Virus is “humanely” spread by Biden’s deleterious immigration policies while refusing to use the word crisis:

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