Three men dressed in all black, (which is typical of members of the violent left-wing, domestic terror group, Antifa) were captured on video hiding under a tree while quickly dressing from all black into Trump t-shirts and sweatshirts.  As the unidentified cameraman approaches them and zooms in on their change of apparel, one of the men notices they’re being filmed and becomes agitated. A woman can be heard shouting at the cameraman to delete the video. “Delete that!” she shouts, as the cameraman appears to run away with the footage that reveals the duplicitous nature of these leftist thugs.

It’s not clear where this footage was taken, but it’s possible this footage was taken at the Capitol on January 6, as you can hear “USA! USA!” being chanted in the background. The woman who posted the video is claiming it was taken at the Capitol building, but we have no clear evidence to prove her claim. Police barricades can be seen on the street next to the tree where the 3 men are changing into Trump gear, which would indicate that the protest is taking place near a government building.


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The video, which has now been viewed by thousands, has yet to make its way to fake news CNN where Anderson Cooper would surely admit how the left doesn’t play by the same rules as everyone else—wouldn’t he? Or would the CNN host instead, interview the quick-change artists and treat them like journalists, or as innocent “left-wing activists,” you know, as he did when he interviewed Antifa leader John Sullivan after the Capitol siege, who just happened to be standing next to Ashli Babbit when she was shot to death inside the Capitol building. Sullivan, who was recently seen in one of his own videos, addressing a crowd in Utah, where he explained how they’re going to rip President Trump out of the White House before he has a chance to serve a second term, has since been arrested and charged in the Capitol riots.


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This isn’t the first time someone who appears to be a member of Antifa has been caught changing their appearance in an effort to trick people into believing they’re a Trump supporter.

Last week, we shared an incredible video interview analysis with the Epoch Times, Japanese investigative journalist Misako Ganaha, where she describes the events that took place only moments before the murder of Ashli Babbit by a Capitol Police officer inside the US Capitol building on January 6, 2020.

At around the 3:25 mark, Ganaha discusses a particularly telling moment when, after encouraging the violence that led to Ashli Babbit’s death, one of the agitators steps away, behind the officers and down the stairs behind police in order to change clothes, in what appears to be an effort to prevent himself from being recognized from a moment before when he has been breaking the glass on doors and agitating the crowd.

Is the male dressed in all black that Ganaha analyzes a Trump supporter or an agent provocateur? You be the judge.


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