We have recently reported on numerous cases of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as well as the AStraZeneca vaccine have serious side effects, including blood clots, illness, and death.  A good portion of the military wants nothing to do with them.  And numerous school systems around the country have closed due to experimental shots from presumably all of the major manufacturers.

Now, due to the global issues with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, both the FDA and CDC have called for a pause in their distribution after its administration nearly 7 million times across the country.  But this has led many people, including President Donald Trump, to question why only the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is being singled out.

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After the FDA issued a statement pausing the use of the Johnson and Johnson experimental ‘vaccine,’ the CDC Followed Suit as the FDA’s Dr. Peter Marks and Dr. Anne Schuchat of the CDC, the agencies announced Tuesday, “We are recommending a pause in the use of this vaccine out of an abundance of caution. Right now, these adverse events appear to be extremely rare.”

Pausing the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is very rational reasonable.  Yet, why do they single out only the J&J vaccine when all of the vaccines seem to have many side effects and show little if any efficacy long term?

President Trump, whos Operation Warp Speed accelerated the development of the experimental biological agents believing it would help many and solidify America’s dominance against the Wuhan Flue, believes the FDA and CDC are singling out J&J unfairly.  Singling them out will  hurt J&J while promoting Pfizer and Moderna, who also have produced experimental biological agents for the Wuhan Virus.

In the statement, President Trump bemoaned the fact that people will lose trust in vaccinations and Johnson and Johnson and that the people who have already taken the vaccine will be ‘up in arms.’  He then suggested this might all be politically motivated due to the what he called the “FDA’s love for Pfizer.  The FDA, especially with long time bureaucrats within, has to be controlled.  They should not be able to do such damage for possibly political reasons, or maybe because their friends at Pfizer have suggested it.  They’ll do things like this to make themselves look important.”

He admonished people to “Remember, it was the FDA working with Pfizer, who announced the vaccine approval two days after the 2020 Presidential Election.  They didn’t like me because I pushed them extremely hard.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump does not mention the fact that numerous studies show that proper administration of generic quercetin or hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Vitamin D seems very effective at treating this virus.  It is also been established that a common nasal steroid, Budesonide, has extremely beneficial results with the Wuhan CCP virus as well.  All are available cheaply over the counter or with prescription and are not experimental drugs.

Which possible treatment solution would you prefer, readers?  Should the experimental Moderna and Pfizer treatments also be paused by the FDA as well?  Do you think Johnson and Johnson is being unfairly singled out?


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