We previously reported on the fact that no one was watching Biden’s videos.

We showed that the viewership, dislikes, and performance during Biden’s own eerie inauguration were so poor that the Whitehouse actually hid their own complete inauguration video from search engine.

We also reported on the fact that, of the few people watching the Biden Regime’s Whitehouse videos, magnitudes more people were disliking the videos than liking them.  He was crowned the most disliked President in YouTube history.

Then, because Biden’s Regime was getting so many terrible reviews on their videos, they turned off comments and Youtube was actually removing dislikes from Whitehouse videos so that he and his staff would appear to be more liked than they actually are.

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To make things worse for poor Joe, Trump was able to trounce Biden’s videos in viewership and appreciation, even as Biden was still “president” and Trump was just acting as a civilian at a CPAC conference.

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Now, a website has been created that has been tracking the actual likes and dislikes on Biden’s videos.  And, it is so much worse than you could possibly imagine.  In our brief search of videos over the past few months, we couldn’t spot a single video that was more liked than disliked–almost always by enormous margins.

The new website is called ’81m.org,’ a reference to the alleged 81 million votes that the media insist Joe Biden won during the 2020 election.  In its sparse exposition, the website’s ‘About’ page states this:

“It is true that Biden won the most votes cast for a U.S. presidential candidate, amassing about 81 million votes.

– USA Today

Such a popular president should have some truly epic YouTube numbers. Let’s keep track. I’m sure we won’t see anything weird happening, such as dislikes being thrown out in the wee hours of the morning.”

If you don’t trust Biden, the election, or the current Whitehouse regime, scroll through the website to see what the world actually thinks of Joe Biden.  You are not alone.

Is it possible that such a ‘beloved’ president could possibly be receiving these ratios of like to dislikes on every single one of his videos?  What is going on here, America?

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