A new poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College has revealed that voters overwhelmingly trust Republicans over Democrats to manage the US economy, not boding well for the Democratic party ahead of the November midterm elections.

While the US economy suffers from an inflation crisis, and the Biden administration spends exorbitant amounts of money on its “Inflation Reduction Act” and forgiving student loans, Americans are growing increasingly concerned with the country’s economic stability.

The Times/Siena poll shows that about 52% of voters trust Republicans to manage the economy, while only 38% trust Democrats. A mere 1% of respondents agree with both political parties’ proposals to manage the economy.

Although the Democrats have desperately tried to refocus voters on social issues like abortion, an earlier edition of the same poll showed that the most important issue to voters right now is largely economic issues, with 20% of respondents saying it is the “most important problem facing the country today,” and about 76% saying it would be “extremely important” to them when deciding how to vote.

Senior citizens are being forced out of retirement because of the inflation rates and poor state of the economy, Americans are feeling the pain of the rising prices, and meanwhile, Biden insists that the record-high inflation isn’t that bad,

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