Joe Biden professed he would be honest and transparent as president.

Yet, after more than a month in office, nothing could be further from the truth.  We have noted how he has colluded with social media to remove ratings and comments on his abysmally disliked and unwatched videos and hidden some of them from the public.  But that only scratches the surface on what Joe Biden has (not) been doing with respect to ‘transparency.’

He hasn’t held a real solo press conference at all since his installation into The Whitehouse.  He also has not allowed anyone to see his schedule that includes virtual visitor logs.  But still there is more.

The National Pulse Reports:

“Six weeks into the Biden regime, Joe’s professed commitment to truth and transparency continues to wane, with the President of the United States failing to hold a press conference, refusing to publish his schedule, hiding visitor logs from the public, and deleting the White House pages for comments and public petitions. Cynics might say that democracy is currently dying in darkness.”

But how can that be from the president whose press secretary also insisted on transparency and truth?


“The schedules of the President and Vice President are not currently publicly released. President Joe Biden hasn’t held a news conference of his own (only brief, tightly-controlled press availabilities with supporting acts), and the White House website does not list petitions submitted by citizens. Even the comment line is shut down.

If this had happened during President Trump’s time in office, the front pages would be littered with allegations of would-be dictatorship, and the windows of the Brady Press Briefing room would be fogged from the hot air of CNN’s self-righteous reporters.”

The White House has confirmed that virtual visitor logs, which don’t account for a bulk of activity in a White House where many meetings are held virtually, will not be released along with in-person attendee lists.

“Virtual meetings will not be subject to release—in the same way that previous administrations didn’t release phone logs—but we’re planning on regularly releasing the attendee lists for in-person meetings at the White House,” a Biden official told Politico.”

The problem with this line of thinking is that Biden said he would somehow be different from other presidents in this regard.  But, also, many more meetings (perhaps most) are now being held virtually due to government Covid restrictions, so virtual schedules and attendee lists are much more imperative to transparency than ever before.

Yet Biden even went out of his way to rescind previous orders forcing transparency that Trump created, calling them “harmful:”

“On his first day in office…Joe rescinded a Trump executive order requiring that agency guidance documents be published online and made searchable. Biden’s order reads:

“To tackle [COVID-19, economic recovery, racial justice, and climate change] effectively, executive departments and agencies (agencies) must be equipped with the flexibility to use robust regulatory action to address national priorities. This order revokes harmful policies and directives that threaten to frustrate the Federal Government’s ability to confront these problems, and empowers agencies to use appropriate regulatory tools to achieve these goals.””

Does this sound like more vigorous transparency than Trump or less?

“On the diplomacy front, Biden has pledged transparency in the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia, telling Saudi Monarch King Salman ahead of the release of the Khashoggi report that he would work for bilateral ties “as strong and transparent as possible.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken touted the declassified report as a breakthrough for transparency—but so far, it hasn’t resulted in consequences for the individual it implicates, Pamela Brown pointed out.”

So, while Capitol remains in an unprecedented lock down and military occupation, The Whitehouse and its president remain fairly opaque.  Is Biden a senile old man who is unfit to govern or is he a tyrant?

The National Pulse continues:

“”I contend the answer is… both.  In Biden’s waking moments, he’s inclined to crush dissent, violate the Constitution, and crush political opposition. He’s a great friend of the Chinese Communist Party, after all. But in his increasingly sleepy moments, his staffers are even worse.  The next generation of Democrats were raised with the idea of “repressive tolerance” – a philosophy developed by far-left thinker Herbert Marcuse who advocated the forcible shutting down of opponents’ views in pursuit of “progress.”  Biden, after all, insisted on being a called a “transition” candidate.”

The transition Americans are watching is one from an open, transparent, and democratic Republic to one of a locked down, shut down, stymied autocracy. And Joe Biden – for all his sleepiness – is at the forefront of that tyrannical takeover.”

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