After setting a 100-year record for having no real solo press conferences since his inauguration, Biden continues to be unable to address basic questions on crucial topics facing America.  One major point of contention is his radical immigration policy which seems to intentionally subvert American citizens and law and order.

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that there is a crisis at the American border, despite the recent massive surge of illegal immigrants.  Now, even some establishment press are questioning him on this falsehood.

In a recent video from earlier this week, Biden is questioned multiple times by reporters:

“Mr. President, is there a crisis at the border?…Is there a crisis at the border, Sir?…” the reporter says.

The question is asked multiple times, but Biden simply ignores it and turns away as his handlers shoo away the press for asking the question, saying “C’mon press let’s go…C’mon press. Let’s go…Let’s go you guys…”


Do you think Biden’s double mask policy is preventing enough oxygen from getting to his brain?

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