Like China, Bill gates is buying up unequaled amounts of real estate all over America in preparation for The Great Reset in which The US Constitution will be shredded within the decade completely and a few corporatist authoritarian entities will own everything.  According to the official World Economic Forum plan, everyone else (that means you) will “own nothing and be happy.”

Bill Gates who advises the Chinese Communist Party on how to influence The West

As people like Joe Biden continue to ignore or embolden this global and national threat, more and more news has been coming to light of American politicians and business leaders who are in bed with top communist leaders and organizations.  Now, we can definitively add Bill Gates to that list of anti-American pro-CCP corporatists looking to part out America to the highest Chinese bidder.  It turns out Gates advises them on how to influence The West.  This is exactly what the CCP needs to do in order to take over the globe via their “one belt, one road” initiative.

Perhaps the most premier CCP influence peddler is its United Front group, which have previously discussed.

The National Pulse Reports:

Gates has served on a Steering Committee for the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), founded by the Chairman of the “highest-ranking entity overseeing” within China’s United Work Front, according to the U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission.

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The effort, according to the congressional government report, aims “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and influence Western elites to “take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.” In practice, the group has set out to “effectively disseminate positive messages to the media, key influencers and opinion leaders, and the general public” regarding the Chinese Communist Party, according to Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) filings with the Department of Justice.”

So, there are still some remaining patriots within America’s government.  Bill Gates takes it upon himself to work with anti-American CCP forces to “neutralize” those pro-Western forces in order to inflict policies “supportive of Beijing” on Americans.  Never mind that China’s open goal is to dismantle America and The West and rule the globe, overtaking America’s economy by 2028 because of eager anti-Americans like Bill Gates.

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“Gates served on a CUSEF Steering Committee “providing valuable advice and comment” on a 2013 report entitled “US-China Economic Relations In The Next Ten Years: Towards Deeper Engagement And Mutual Benefit.”

The separate Chinese Steering Committee features a host of communist party apparatchiks including executives from state-run banks, universities, and party leadership bodies.

The 400-page report is authored by American academic and business leaders in addition to their Chinese Communist Party-linked counterparts and advocates for “even more business to business collaboration in science and technology,” “relaxation of U.S. export controls of high-tech products,” and more policies encouraging close U.S.-China ties.

Separately, members of CUSEF-sponsored delegations for American college students have met with China-based officials from the Gates Foundation.”

We have previously reported on the widespread national infestation of American schools by anti-American pro-CCP Confucius Institute, but Bill Gates and his anti-Western globalist celebrity  friends like Tony Blair do not stop there.  Their manipulations against The West get much worse.

“But Gates’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front runs even deeper—and darker.

Gates, alongside former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, spoke and “extended his congratulations” at a forum hosted by the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC) in 2012:

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the “Beijing Charity Gala Ball”, the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC), together with Caijing Magazine and “Beijing Charity Gala Ball” committee, initiated the “First China Philanthropy Forum” in Beijing on November 30th. More than 300 public-spirited celebrities engaging in various fields from America, Europe, Australia and China attended the forum. Li Zhaoxing, chairman of the organization committee of the forum and chairman of the CAIFC, made the opening speech. Blair, former British Prime Minister delivered a keynote speech and Bill Gates, the prominent American philanthropist, extended his congratulations on the forum by video presentation.

The CAIFC, however, has been described by the U.S. government as “a front organization for the former General Political Department” of the Chinese Communist Party, performing “dual roles of intelligence collection and conducting propaganda and perception management campaigns.”

America–and indeed all of the West, is on the brink of collapse into the hands of just a few corporatist global elites.  These authoritarians don’t just seek money or market share, they seek complete global dominion.  This means no Western-style rule of law, no constitution of any real meaning, no individualistic ownership or choice, and no more critical thinking for the masses.

So, take constitutional political action locally, now, before it is too late to save your communities.

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