Why is a prominent city mayor meeting with international influencers from anywhere, let alone China?  And why are her cabinet members doing the same?  What is going on here?

In a city inexplicably under military occupation for almost 2 months despite zero credible threats and terrible living conditions and food, one must look no further than China to understand where this totalitarian leadership style is derived.  And, it makes sense, since the DC mayor has been openly touring around China and seeking to peddle massive American influence and investment from China for years, including the Invest in DC Forum in Shanghai, China with “over 30 business representatives from US tourism, education and hospital sectors along with four real estate projects who made presentations during the recent Invest in D.C. forum held in Shanghai.”

This is an alarming trend among many local and state officials like Bowser around America in recent months and years that should shock and worry all Americans.

Why is The Nation’s Capitol for sale to any foreign entity, much less a gangraping genocidal, live-organ harvesting, censorious, racist regime that has devoured Europe, seeks to take over the globe by 2028 and institute a Huxleyan social credit system to crush free thought, individualism, and any sense of Western freedoms?

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To DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, the question of ‘why’ DC is for sale is irrelevant.  All that matters to her and her appointees is that DC is for sale to the highest bidder, and she wants to get paid via money and influence in DC.

DC mayor Muriel Bowser, and others at the Invest in DC Forum in Shanghai, China

The National Pulse Reports:

“Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and her appointees have repeatedly met with and hosted leaders from a leading organization in the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front.

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The United Front functions as China’s premier influence and propaganda organization, raising flags with the U.S. government’s Economic and Security Review Commission.

It seeks to “co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and coerce American leaders “to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.””

So, much like the CCP’s Confucius Institute has infiltrated American schools and businesses with propaganda, the CCP is infiltrating American politicians–locally and nationally–with organizations like The United Front.  In fact, Washington DC and Mayor Bowser also have heavy ties to the Confucius institute.

Do you think China means to do good for America?  Mayor Boswer, who promoted destruction and rioters in multiple ways throughout her tenure, seems to think this is all headed in the proper direction:

“What’s more, the State Department has described the group as seeking to “directly and malignly influence” U.S. state and local leaders.

Yet, the mayor of perhaps the most important city in all of American politics–Washington D.C.–is exceptionally eager to meet routinely times with these well-known Communist parasites.

Despite these warnings, Bowser and her appointees repeatedly met with the United Front’s Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC). The group, led by the daughter of a former Chinese Communist Party paramount leader, is the “public face” of the United Front and “avowedly an arm of the party-state.””

This is why she has the title of Beijing Bowser among many in-the-know and why many are now labeling DC and the District of China:

“Bowser visited with the group’s Vice President in 2015. And per the CPAFFC’s summary, Bowser “said that China and the U.S. should work hand in hand to promote common development and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in areas of commerce, trade, education and so on.””

DC Mayor Murial Bowser & VP  Xie Yuan

““She hoped that she could visit China more often,” it adds.

Also in 2015, Bowser’s pick for Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Brian Kenner met with the CPAFFC. They discussed “issues including enhancing local government exchanges and sister-city relationship, as well as promoting China-US cooperation on city planning, clean energy, public transportation” despite China’s well-documented theft of intellectual property.”


“Kenner, who now serves as a co-chair of Bowser’s Re-Open Dc Committee, visited the CPAFFC in Beijing again in 2018, vowing to undercut President Trump’s trade war with the country:

Deputy Mayor Kenner said, in spite of the national trade issues, DC will continue to develop relations with not only Beijing, but also other Chinese cities.”

So, DC establishment sent political emissaries to China to disrupt America First policies of the President of the United states.

Huh?  Is any of this reasonable?  Why are local officials defying national and international policies?  Why are they participated in international policies at all, much less undermining a sitting president?

“Beyond visiting the CPAFFC in Beijing, Bowser also liaised with the group in Washington, D.C.  In 2016, a CPAFFC delegation visited the beltway to celebrate the “sister city” relationship between Washington, D.C. and Beijing.

““Mayor Bowser said in her speech that friendship and cooperation will benefit more ordinary people. Washington has 14 sister cities. Among them, it became a sister city with Beijing in 1984. This friendly relationship is extremely important […] Washington will continue to carry out pragmatic cooperation with Beijing in the fields of commerce and education,” Bowser noted.”

The CPAFFC delegation also met with Bowser’s then-Secretary of State Lauren Vaughan.  Per a CPAFFC summary, Bowser’s government “jointly held a celebration reception” also featuring Obama-era officials such as Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan.”



Patriots in America have been sounding the alarm about China since prior to Donald Trump and Trump heeded the warnings of Peter Navarro to try to contain the massive and global China problem.  But globalists ignored the threat because they believe they will benefit from a China-centric great reset. This is why Joe Biden so obviously and abruptly flip-flopped on China immediately after becoming president, despite having no real intention of halting China’s march to global dominance.  Trump committed to America First policies that no establishment policy on either side is willing to do.

America cannot survive in any meaningful way if the CCP is able to influence both our highest and lowest levels of government.  We must fumigate America’s global corporatist infestation or we will fall in all meaningful ways by the end of the decade.

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