A North Carolina dad went viral back in February for his incredible speech at a school board meeting, where he fought against critical race theory and stood up for the children of color who are being taught that they are oppressed.

Brian Echevarria is a father of three who is running for the North Carolina General Assembly.

Brian Echevarria

At a school board meeting, Echevarria slammed CRT as a “discrimination revolution” and rallied for parents’ voices to be heard and respected in the decisions regarding the education of their children.

“I’m biracial, I’m bilingual, I’m multicultural. The fact is, in America and North Carolina I can do anything I want, and I teach that to my children,” said Echevarria. “And the person that tells my little pecan-colored kids that they’re somehow oppressed based on the color of their skin would be absolutely wrong and absolutely at war with me.”

Brian Echevarria (2nd from right) with his family    Source: brianechevarria.com

“And I think that’s the same with every parent,” he continued. Echevarria then says that parents have begun “taking back the wheel” since the fight against mask mandates began.

“We’re taking the wheel back from Washington, all the way to Raleigh and into our local school board,” Echevarria said, as some audience members began to applaud. “Because CRT – all of that – the parents don’t want it.”

“It’s a big fat lie,” Echevarria continued, referencing CRT.

“If you believe in CRT I wanna tell you you’re a liar. Because that means you look at your black neighbor and say that they’re oppressed, and you look at your white neighbor and say that they’re evil, regardless of the experience that you’ve had with them.”

“The parents in the United States of America, right here in North Carolina… we know that’s not true because we believe the lives we live,” said Echevarria. He then proceeds to talk about his personal experiences with people from all different racial backgrounds, suggesting that the “racists” the media is always warning you about aren’t quite as common as they’d like you to believe.

“The fact is, I’ve been a business owner right here in North Carolina, and I deal with white people, black people, Hispanic people. My childen deal with everybody…

… the racism is only happening at the government level and on the media.

The fact is, you have racists and you can’t even find ’em hardly, you just hear the stories about ’em. But, this is what we’re dealing with.”

Echevarria then pivots his topic to discuss the issue of trans athletes who want to compete, as biological males, against female athletes.

“I have an eight-year-old daughter who is absolutely dynamic, who can do anything. Athletically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, she is a dynamo. And I don’t want a man swimming against her in the pool. The fact is, I don’t want her playing against boys in soccer. I don’t even let my sons rough her up. Do you think I’m gonna let your son rough her up?”

He then concludes with a powerful statement about the dedication of a parent to fight for what is right for their children, saying, “If you think people who love America are willing to fight for it, you haven’t met parents yet. Because I’m telling you, your parents will go further down any street than anyone who loves their country alone.”

Watch the full speech below:

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