A little under a month ago, the Biden regime announced the formation of a ‘disinformation board’ under the Department of Homeland Security.  The board, as well as disinformation ‘czar’ Nina Jankowicz, were immediately criticized by people across the political spectrum.

Many compared the disinformation board to the ‘Ministry of Truth’, a propaganda ministry in George Orwell’s book “1984”.  Jankowicz was also the subject of criticism for past statements she made in favor of censorship and because she spread disinformation of her own.

Now, the Biden administration has decided to temporarily ‘pause’ the creation of the disinformation board as the Department of Homeland Security considers scrapping it entirely.

Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz has also tendered her resignation, according to reports that broke today.

The National Review Reports

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“After a wave of backlash, the Department of Homeland Security is considering shutting down its just-created Disinformation Governance Board, which was officially tasked with combatting false narratives around domestic terrorism and human trafficking along the border, but which was widely interpreted as having a much broader brief to monitor and possibly curtail disfavored political speech.

Just three weeks after its inception, the disinformation board’s operations have been “paused,” multiple anonymous DHS officials told the Washington Post. DHS reportedly decided to shut down the board entirely on Monday and its director, Nina Jankowicz, tendered a voluntary resignation letter on Tuesday. But DHS officials quickly called Jankowicz to give her the option to stay on while the Homeland Security Advisory Committee determines whether to shut down the board entirely.”

While most Americans strongly opposed the creation of a disinformation board, liberal journalists have already started to mourn its potential demise.

Washington Post ‘journalist’ Taylor Lorenz, known for crying on MSNBC because of supposed harassment from her right-wing critics, lamented the fact that the Biden administration let ‘right-wing attacks’ derail its disinformation board.

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