Yesterday afternoon, at least ten people were shot and killed at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

Investigating authorities have already said that the shooting was racially motivated.

The suspect, 18-years-old,  drove several hours and 200 miles to reach the Tops supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood where he opened fire. The “n-word” can be seen written on his gun, and he was wearing tactical gear as he live-streamed his slaughter.  He was taken in to custody last night.

Liberal opportunists were quick to blame FOX News and, specifically, Tucker Carlson for ‘radicalizing’ the shooter.  This despite the fact that the shooter attacked FOX News for hiring Jewish people.  The manifesto made no mention of Tucker Carlson or FOX News.

The opportunists failed to mention one crucial detail, however.  The shooter used Neo-Nazi symbols such as the Sonnerrad which are also used by the Azov Battalion in Ukraine.  The Azov Battalion, which has white supremacist origins, has long been admired by Neo-Nazi groups across the world.

There were numerous reports about the Azov Battalion’s Nazi sympathies from the outset of the conflict in Ukraine starting in 2014.  Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, media outlets have started to whitewash their beliefs.  Some politicians and reporters have even venerated them for their bravery.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that claims to combat extremism and racism, called for reporters to be censored if they discussed the Nazi beliefs of the Azov Battalion.


The US government has trained and armed the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.  After scrutiny against the organization intensified in 2018, Congress banned sending arms to them.  While a de-facto ban is still in place, the US government has acknowledged that it has no way to track the billions of dollars in arms we have sent to Ukraine, including the $40 billion aid package that is being pushed through the Senate right now.




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