True the Vote has been doing amazing behind-the-scenes work to uncover a massive voter fraud scheme in critical states that used “mules,” or delivery people who drop multiple harvested ballots into absentee ballot drop boxes. Their incredible work will blow the lid off a voter fraud scheme so sophisticated that it will finally unlock the key to how the 2020 elections were stolen and reveal why Democrats are fighting so hard to nationalize elections and make drop boxes and absentee ballots a permanent way of voting in future elections.

Last night, during President Trump’s massive rally in Conroe, Texas, he told the crowd he only wants “free, fair, and honest elections.” He continued,  “The 2020 election was rigged, and everyone knows it. You know who knows it more than anyone else?” he asked. “The Democrats!” He said, citing a “giant victory in the state of Pennsylvania,” explaining that a “statewide court ruled that the practice of no-excuse mail-in-ballots is illegal and flagrantly unconstitutional.” Trump told the crowd that if the practice has been deemed “illegal,” he “assumes we won” the state of Pennsylvania. He also mentioned that they won a major case in Wisconsin where a judge ruled the drop boxes are “illegal.”

President Trump specifically thanked Catherine Englebrecht, founder of True the Vote, who was sitting in the crowd. Trump explained Englebrecht and her incredible team uncovered “massive illegal ballot harvesting and other forms of ballot fraud, the scheme with 2,000, they call them ballot ‘mules,’ these are people, they call them ‘mules,’ people—and they walk in early in the morning with thousands and thousands of ballots, and they stuff the ballot boxes in Georgia and other states.” He continued, “And they [True the Vote] have it on tape—now all they have to do is release the tape.” President Trump explained that they don’t want to release the tape yet because they’re still completing their investigation.

President Trump asked anyone who has tips about voter fraud to go to Hotline and report the tips to Catherine Englebrecht’s non-partisan, voter integrity organization.

Only moments after his rally was completed, a video was released on Twitter showing a black male dropping off several ballots at a drop box.

“He fans out ballots, takes a photo, & places them in the drop box. It’s been reported that illegal ballot harvesters were paid $10 per ballot & had to show proof.”

First Video of Alleged Ballot Trafficker in Georgia Is Released!

“Pennsylvania is Trump” tweeted:

True the Vote has complied layers of evidence of organized ballot tracking in 6 states. In Georgia, they allege there were 242 traffickers who made 5,662 trips to ballot drop boxes between the early morning hours of12 AM and 5 AM, potentially unloading hundreds of thousands of illegally harvested ballots over the course of several weeks. On Friday, VoterGA’s David Cross shared an example of True the Vote’s surveillance footage via Twitter. “BREAKING! GEORGIA! The video appears to show an illegal ballot harvester in Gwinnett County on Oct 12, 2020! He fans out ballots, takes a photo, & places them in the drop box. It’s been reported that illegal ballot harvesters were paid $10 per ballot & had to show proof.”


“Florida Panther” gave credit for the video to VoterGA investigator David Cross, who he claims released a “sample” of the drop box surveillance footage the group acquired via a FOIA request.

This morning, Dinesh D’Souza released a trailer for his new video, “2,000 Mules” that reveals a stunning organized ring of ballot harvesters stuffing ballot boxes in key states where the election was stolen and where Biden won 71 electoral votes:

True the Vote has been working with Dinesh D’Souza to create a bombshell movie that uses footage they obtained of ballot boxes in key states across America to steal the 2020 election.

Using geo-tracking devices, True the Vote was able to take footage from drop boxes across America in key states like Georgia and others to track over 2,000 ‘mules” wearing gloves and disguises to stuff ballot boxes.


Stay tuned…this incredible story of how the election was stolen in 2020 is only just beginning to be told. 

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