This is stunning news. The Florida Secretary of State just announced that a recount will take place in both the Senate and gubernatorial races in Florida. The recount is scheduled to end on Thursday at 3 p.m.

Results are due to the Florida Secretary of State at the scheduled time and day.

Governor Rick Scott immediately called on all Florida Sheriffs to watch for any “VIOLATIONS” during the recount:

“Florida’s Sheriffs selflessly serve our communities and are dedicated to protecting the safety and rights of all Floridians. I am urging every Sheriff in the State of Florida to watch for any violations during the recount process as outlined in Florida law”


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Vote count within 30 minutes of polls closing was not given as required.

A poll worker stated in a sworn affidavit that people were seen filling out blank ballots.

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Non-citizen voting is ok with Democrats:


One red flag to watch out for is the lawyer helping Democrats:

It’s funny that the quote from another candidate for governor stands out to us…”trickery”…It’s exactly how we feel about the back-room dealings going on in Florida. The ironic thing is that Stacey Abrams claimed Republicans were using trickery during the election but it’s actually the Democrats who are masters at election “trickery”.

This should be another big wake up call to America that we need to get serious about protecting the vote.  The GOP needs to stop being fearful of enforcing the rules.

This needs to end. Otherwise, who will trust that their vote counts?

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