We recently reported on many secretly recorded admissions by CNN’s Technical Director, Charlie Chester, of his and his networks wildly anti-Trump pro-Biden news manipulations and beliefs.  He also admitted that CNN manipulates Covid numbers to scare people and raise ‘gangbuster’ ratings, despite the fact that the fear induced by all of these media agencies causes depression and death and terrible policy and decision-making around America.

He also admitted to hyping up the anti-Matt Gaetz story in order to hurt conservatives.

And, it isn’t just Charlie to blame.  It appears to be the entire company was intentionally biased at all levels to destroy president Trump.

But, it is never enough.  Being an ally of BLM and ANTIFA will only destroy you in the end, as one CNN camera crew discovered just the other day.  And, now things have gotten even worse for CNN, as more hidden-camera video from Project Veritas has exposed CNN’s Charlie Chester and all of CNN once more as a globalist apparatchik.

In the video, Chester seems to explain that CNN intentionally covered up the race of the attackers in nearly all of the attacks on Asians because they were black.  He admits that he does this because CNN’s job is to promote BLM.


CNN is “trying to, like, help, like, with BLM” he says in the video,” says Chester.

He also admits that if attackers aren’t white, CNN simply ignores the story in order to “shape the perception of things” to help the CNN globalist platform.


What is more startling to you: The fact that a CNN staffer actually did some research into a story or the fact that he is admitting to omitting and manipulating the information he found from that research in order to spin a false-narrative for pro-Marxist Black Lives Matter groups around the country?

This lie is helping to drive the completely false narrative of systemic oppression and white supremacy within the Biden Regime that threatens this country to its core.

But none of these ‘news’ organizations seem to care.

In fact, they all seem to be quite on board with such an idea, regardless of the consequences.

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