When users clicked on the “Parler” social media site this morning, they were shocked to discover the right-leaning site was no longer there.

In a message to their users, Starboard, who has now apparently taken over the site, announced that they have concluded the acquisition of Parler, which was allegedly purchased by YE (formerly Kanye West) on Oct 17, 2022.

Alexandria, VA – April 14, 2023 – Starboard (Formerly, Olympic Media) announced today that it has concluded the acquisition of Parler, the world’s pioneering uncancelable free speech platform.

No reasonable person believes that a Twitter clone just for conservatives is a viable business any more. By refocusing on the cloud and IT infrastructure space George Farmer has done an exceptional job at successfully leading Parlement into a critically important industry where it has already begun to excel.

Starboard is the perfect home for the Parler brand and its longtime loyal users. “Parler’s large user base and additional strategic assets represent an enormous opportunity for Starboard to continue to build aggressively in our media and publishing business. The team at Parler has built an exceptional audience and we look forward to integrating that audience across all of our existing platforms.” said Ryan Coyne, CEO of Starboard.

While the Parler app as it is currently constituted will be pulled down from operation to undergo a strategic assessment, we at Starboard see tremendous opportunities across multiple sectors to continue to serve marginalized or even outright censored communities – even extending beyond domestic politics.

Advancements in AI technology, along with the existing code base and other new features, provide an opportunity for Starboard to begin servicing unsupported online communities – building a home for them away from the ad-hoc regulatory hand of platforms that hate them.

The terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed, although Starboard expects the deal to be accretive by the end of Q2 2023.

About Starboard: Founded in 2018 by Ryan Coyne, Starboard (Formerly Olympic Media) is a digital media conglomerate that houses business lines focused on digital advertising, fundraising, publishing, and consumer brands. The publishing vertical has expanded aggressively with several recent acquisitions amounting to several-hundred million engaged content consumers annually. Starboard was named the 13th fastest-growing company in the nation on the INC 5000 and the fastest-growing in advertising/media in 2021. Starboard is based in Arlington, Virginia.

According to the Washington Examiner – The conservative social network Parler was purchased by a new buyer after its deal with the rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, fell through.

Parler’s parent company, Parlement Technologies, announced on Friday it agreed to sell the app to Starboard, the publisher of conservative news websites that include BizPac Review and American Wire News. The website will go down temporarily as Starboard finalizes its plans for updating the platform.

On October 17 2022, it was announced that Parler was being purchased by YE (formerly Kanye West). The unhinged Left lost its mind over the news of Kanye’s purchase of Parler.

A headline from the Daily Beast that embraces the censorship of Kanye West and refers to Parler as the “MAGA Cesspit.”

Ye had been at the center of the news over his association with the outspoken conservative personality Candace Owens and their efforts to expose the fraudulent and Marxist Black Lives Matter organization.

Social media exploded when Owens and Ye were seen standing side-by-side wearing “White Lives Matter” t-shirts.

George Farmer, the husband of Candace Owens became the CEO of the popular free speech network Parler after it was intentionally destroyed by woke corporations who kicked the platform off their app stores. Perhaps Ye’s relationship with Candace Owens and, by extension, her husband had something to do with Ye’s purchase of the popular social media platform.

On Jan 7, 2021, Twitter suspended the account of President Trump, blaming him for protesters storming the Capitol building. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in an unimaginable act of hubris, boldly proclaimed that Facebook would be preventing President Trump from using their platform until he was no longer President of the United States.

Parler CEO John Matze made a bold statement on his rapidly growing social media platform on the morning of January 7, 2021, only one day before Apple, Google and Amazon removed his app from their platforms:

If free speech truly is the enemy and we must restrict and censor the voices of people to keep our country safe then our country is already lost.

If one man’s voice is a threat to our nation, but his holding of the presidential office is not than it is apparent the powers of the presidency are less powerful than a single voice. Why should any of us settle to giving up our rights to free speech?

It’s clear that Facebook and Twitter believe the ends justify the means. They believe the American people are weak. They insult our founding fathers by suggesting Zuckerburg and Dorsey know what is best for us.

Parler is not an arbiter of truth. We believe in you. We believe you are wise enough to decide for yourself and trust that, given access to all information, we can self-govern. The solution is clear. If you believe in free speech and our founding principles of our republic, then we must liberate others by promoting free speech, Parler.

We must liberate ourselves from their manipulation and dystopian tactics of control.

In 2020, Senator Ted Cruz defended Parler on Twitter while bashing “big tech” giants Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, platforms that silence those with whom they disagree. In his video, Cruz warned about the danger of the big tech giants having the ability to affect the November election’s outcome.

In their message to Parler users, Starboard doesn’t give a timeline for their plan to re-open the site. Only time will tell if Parler users will sit around and wait for the next parent company to restructure and reboot the site. Can Parler survive the string of unfortunate circumstances, many of which were out of their control, that have caused the platform to shut down, reboot, and now shut down and start up again?

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